NBA Quick Hits: Lakers Vs. Nuggets WCF Game 1

The Los Angeles Lakers must be defeated in the Western Conference Finals, which begin with Game 1 on Tuesday night, if the Denver Nuggets are to reach the NBA Finals for the first time in team history. Denver, who is the top seed in the West, defeated the Phoenix Suns in their semifinal series, whichContinue reading “NBA Quick Hits: Lakers Vs. Nuggets WCF Game 1”

Nba Results, Oct. 18,2022

Welcome to the nightly results thread of NBA games that happened tonight! As always, expect a full in-depth broadcast-style discussion on the games! The pistons defeat the Magic: 109 – 113 The Wizards defeat the Pacers: 114-107 Raptors defeat Cavs: 108-105 The Bulls defeat the Heat: 116-108 The Pelicans defeat the Nets: 130-108 The HawksContinue reading “Nba Results, Oct. 18,2022”

NBA Opening Day Preview!

Well… Long time no see! The NBA season finally returning tonight as we are graced with two legendary matchups to kick off the season in style! Let us get into the action for tonight! 76ers vs. Celtics The Celtics are recently coming off the possible firing of their “former” head coach, Ime Udoka. Also, withContinue reading “NBA Opening Day Preview!”

NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

TODAY IS THE DAY! THE RETURN OF THE NBA!! This is going to be a great night of basketball! Now let’s get to the games on the dock. Nets vs Bucks Time: 7:30pm Est Predicted Winner: Nets What a rematch we have on our hands here, the defending NBA champions from last season facing oneContinue reading “NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Predictions, Preview, Schedule”

NBA Preseason Night 10: Results

Raptors defeat the Wizards – 113-108 Top scorer for each team   Raptors: Malachi Flynn – 22 points, 3 Ast and 2 Rebounds Wizards: Kyle Kuzma – 24 points, 2 Ast and 7 Rebounds Everyone on the Wizards performed incredibly well, Spencer dropped 10, Montrezl with 17 points, KCP with 15 and Beal dropping 7Continue reading “NBA Preseason Night 10: Results”

NBA Preseason Night 2: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

October 4, 2021 NBA fans are in for a treat, nine action-packed games of basketball. Here we will go through every game slated tonight and provide our predications for the night. 76ers vs Raptors Time: 7 pm est Predicted Winner: 76ers The Ben Simmons saga during the off-season kept many NBA fans on the edgeContinue reading “NBA Preseason Night 2: Predictions, Preview, Schedule”