Oct. 21, 2021, NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule

After a great day of NBA action, we have been graced 3 even more great games tonight! Let’s break it down

Mavs vs Hawks

Time: 7:30pm

Predicted Winner: Hawks

This is going to be the first time we see both the Mavs and Hawks in a regular-season game and what a way to start it off. Against the two young stars Trae and Luka, it’s always a great match between these two.

Bucks vs Heat

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner:  Miami Heat

The Miami Heat ended the preseason with a fire behind their backs. We saw how valuable Lowery is to this team’s pace. As well as the possible blossom of Herro, this season we finally get a Bam that wants to focus more on scoring outside of the box and not being scared to let the game come to him.

The Bucks have already put there name in as shoe in’s for the finals just after one game, you could see how much development this team went through just over the season alone. For years we have been waiting for Giannis to finally get that shot down and it would be game over. Well now.. its game over.

Clippers vs Warriors

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

The Clippers are without Kawhi for the rest of the season is what it’s looking like right now. He may come back playoff time but that’s being hopeful. I fully believe that Paul George can carry this team to the playoffs but its gonna take some help from his teammates.

Oct. 20,2021 NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule

After an incredible first night of NBA action, we in store for a slew of games tonight. Everything is on the table tonight, more analysts will come after these games since theres more to dive into and talk about.


Pacers vs Hornets

Time: 7 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Hornets

Bulls’ vs Pistons

Time: 7 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Bulls

Celtics vs Knicks

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Knicks

Wizards’ vs Raptors

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Wizards

Rockets vs Timberwolves

Time: 8 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Rockets

76ers vs Pelicans

Time: 8 pm Est

Predicted Winner: 76ers

Cavs vs Grizzlies

Time: 8 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Cavs

Magic vs Spurs

Time: 8:30 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Magic

Thunder vs Jazz

Time: 9pm Est

Predicted Winner: Jazz

Kings vs Trail Blazers

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Kings

Nuggets vs Suns

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nuggets

NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Results

Bucks defeat the Nets 104-127

Top scorer for each team:

Nets: Kevin Durant – 32 points, 4 Ast and 11 Rebounds

Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo – 32 points, 7 Ast and 14

This game was absolutely breath taking, and that could be more to being excited to watch the very first game of the season. This game wasn’t the best in terms of back and forth battles between the two teams. This matchup really showed how dominate Giannis is going to be this season, the Nets just could not catch up at any point in this game.

The Nets badly needed Kyrie tonight, or if not Kyrie they needed a quality guard to take over while hes gone. Things are going to jell for the Nets due to being without him, and having a new bench behind them. So no need to worry.

Warriors defeat the Lakers: 121-114

Top scorer for each team:

Warriors: Stephen Curry – 21 points, 10 rebounds and Ast

Lakers: Lebron James – 34 points, 5 Ast and 11 Rebounds

What a game, it was all Lakers until the 4th quarter where the Lakers just went ghost and let Curry and Poole dominate. Lebron James and Anthony Davis played incredibly well tonight, while russ kind of lagged them behind. He played terrible tonight, and i would hope that he would be keen on getting his groove back quick because this season is going to go by fast. Obviously, this team still needs time to jell. But the Lakers have not won a game with this new team yet, and thats including the preseason games.

Player of the night and Play of the night

Lebron James:

NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

TODAY IS THE DAY! THE RETURN OF THE NBA!! This is going to be a great night of basketball! Now let’s get to the games on the dock.

Nets vs Bucks

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nets

What a rematch we have on our hands here, the defending NBA champions from last season facing one of the best teams in the east in the Brooklyn Nets. This is going to be a scoring fest tonight, I fully expect KD and Harden to both get 30 tonight. With Giannis showing us how good hes become at the three-point shot, I’m very excited for this game.

Lakers vs Warriors

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

Now, before this preseason/season started I would have picked the Lakers, but the way that the Warriors have managed to get young depth and build upon that with Jordan Poole, I expect them to play incredibly well. Even with Steph Curry it may not be enough to carry them to a high seed, but for the first game of the season I think its enough to beat the Lakers.

If I’m going by jus the preseason here, it seems to me like the Lakers are still learning the team. And they have every right too, the only players returning this season are Lebron, AD, and THT. So things are not going to click immediately but when they do, its going to be scary.

Monday Night Raw Oct. 18, 2021 Review

Xavier Woods vs Jinder Mahal

Xavier Woods wins by pinfall

A solid match to start off the night, this match did more for Jinder then it did for Xavier in my opinion. Jinder controlled the majoirty of the match until the end where Xavier Woods hit his finisher. I expect balor vs woods to be a great match on thursday. It would make sense for Xavier to win since hes the only one thats been pushed and seen as the front runner for this tournament.

Austin Theory vs Jeff Hardy

Austin Theory wins by pinfall

Another quick squash match for Theory, getting another win vs Hardy. This time though, Hardy was the one that got to take a selfie with a downed Theory. Im guessing this was his revenge.

Big E and Drew Mcintyre vs Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Big E and Drew McIntyre win by pinfall

Drew and Big E strategized this match to work together. at the start of this match, all the talk was can Big E and Drew be able to coexist with each other after what happened last week.

This match was more about the way these two were going to work together then about the action. A big ending won the match after a tag from Drew. At the end of the match these two argued and bickered, building more hype to this match on Thursday.

This is one of the matches that I’m excited about, two of my favorite wrestlers and seeing them at the top makes me happy, should be a great match and title defense from big E

Mansoor vs Cedric Alexander

Mansoor wins by pinfall

A match that helped bring hype to the Mansoor and Ali match, that will make history in Saudi as the first match between two Muslims in Saudi for WWE.

This win helped Mansoor atleast gain some momentum before Thursday. After the match Ali comes out and says he’s going to wipe “that stupid smile off of” Mansoor’s face in his hometown on Thursday.

Goldberg and Bobby Lashley interview

Goldberg talks again about wanting to kill Bobby for touching his son, and Bobby talks about this match ending the same way that Summer-slam ended with his on his back and his kids not able to help I’m. This time.

This was a decent interview, they basically reiterated what they have been saying the past few weeks. This feud is alright, but I do love that Bobby is still getting main event feuds while he’s not champion

Rk-Bro vs The Street Profits

Match ended in DQ

A great tag team match, the Street Profits return showed to pay dividends until the end of the match. Where we see Omas come out to aj styles music, and aj styles sneak attack from behind just as orton did to him.

Shayna Baszler vs Doudrop

Doudrop wins by pinfall

Wow! What a match, this was short and sweet. A quality match between these two woman that ended with Doudrop picking up the victory after getting out of Shayna’s lethal submission move

Finn Balor vs Mace

Finna Balor wins by pinfall

It was nice to see Mace in singles action tonight, even if it was a random matchup. Xavier Woods watched the entire match from the throne, watching his opponent for Thursday go to work on Mace.

Charlotte Flair vs Bianca for the Raw Womens Championship

A wrestlemania quality match that ended due to Charlotte flair using a chair at the very last minute. This was a solid match that shows how great both of these woman are.

Overall the show was alright. Nothing that will get people out of there seats and hyped. I fully expected Roman to show up but that didn’t happen.

Grade: C

AEW Dynamite: Saturday Night Dynamite Oct. 16, 2021

AEW tonight kicks off with CM Punk joining the announce team.

Dante Martin vs Malakai Black

Malakai Black wins by pinfall

This was an intensely technical and high flying match, Malakai Black suddenly has some rib issues, which cause him to break the hold and secure safety. Dante then has Malakai staggered, and he goes for a springboard move off one foot! BLACK MASS! Malakai Black wins!

Fantastic match to start off this special night of dynamite, from a match that was randomly booked and placed on this show due to a open challenge proposed by Dante Martin.

Grade: A

FTR vs The Lucha Brothers for the AAA tag team championships

FTR wins by pinfall

Throughout this entire match, the Lucha Bros have been trying to take the masks off of Las Super Ranas. They got the mask off, and it was reveled to be FTR. This was a great lucha bros styles match after getting the masks off. Near the end of the match, Tully came out and he distracts referee Aubrey Edwards. Harwood with one of the AAA tag titles! Belt shot connects! Brainbuster! And FTR wn the AAA tag titles!

Grade: A

Wheeler Yuta vs Jon Moxley

This match started out with Moxley absolutely destroying Yuta. Not letting him get up for even a breathe of fresh air. Jon made sure to make quick work with Yuta and defeats him in an incredibly fast match.

Grade: B

Young Bucks and Adam Cole vs Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds and John Silver

One thing i can say about AEW is that they know how to put on entertaining tag team matches. This match was as incredible as the AAA title match. In this match we saw how great each of these wrestlers are, even got a callback to Mick Foley’s mr socko. The Young Bucks and Cole was just too much for Evil Uno and the dark order.

After the match, we see jungle boy intrude after beating beat up in the backstage earlier in the night.

Grade: A+

Kiera Hogan vs Penelope Ford

Penelope Ford defeated Kiera Hogan

This was a match that saw two of the best woman wrestlers in AEW hash it out

Bryan Danielson vs Bobby Fish

Danielson wins by submission

My match of the night, this was a very technical match. Just as we seen from last night, Bryan has been wrestling in the style that he used to. Before WWE bryan was a tough and rugged wrestler and im happy we get to see that side of bryan here in AEW. After a highly contested match, we see Bobby Fish tap out to Danielson.

AEW Buy In and Rampage: Results and Review


Tonight we start off with Taye Conti v Santana Garrett

A highly technical match between two talented woman in and out of AEW, Santana Garrett gets put into a Hammor-lock DDT and loses to Taye Conte. This now makes her record in 0-2.

Promo package building up American Top Team and Junior Dos Santos

This was a great promo package, hyping up the match betweenDan Lamberts group of UFC fighters, Jorge and Dos Santos

WWE Supersized Smackdown: Review and Results

Tonights Star studded smackdown starts with a Edge Promo

Edge recalls his past with Seth Rollins who tried to end his career for a second time. He talks about seth invading his home, and how he undermined edge and knows how great seth really is. He says that in the Hell In The Cell, he will ruin Seth Rollins soul and leave a soul he will never heel from.

This was a fantastic way to start off the night, with a promo hyping up one of the most anticipated feuds of all time

Grade: A +

Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn

Finn Balor wins by pinfall

What a great match, this is exactly what we expected a quality match between two of the best technical wrestlers in the world. Alot was on the line for both of these guys, the chance to be the new king of the ring. The last King of the ring winner was Baron Corbin two years ago.

This made shows both of these guys extensive movesets. Finn and Sami had a absolute battle, where we seen Finn Balor pick up the victory and move on the finals at Crown Jewel.

Grade: A

Paul Heyman alliance video package

We see the video package chronicling what has been going on between Roman, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. This was a fantastic package that shows how difficult of a position Paul Heyman is in. Including the hyped up match between rivals lesnar and roman.

Grade: A+

Naomi vs Sonya Deville and Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler and Sonya Deville win by pinfall

In a feud that has been building for months, Naomi finally gets to wrestle in a match again. Due to the frustration, Naomi wants to fight Sonya, both of these woman have not had a match in months. And since Sonya has been a manger role she hasn’t fought in 14 months.

Sonya comes out and tells the fans that her match is now a handicap, vs Shayna Baszler and Sonya Deville.

As the match goes on we see pure domination from Sonya and Shayna. Shayna ends the match by submission. Pure disrespect from these two to Sonya, this feud seems to be a trip to redemption for the former woman’s champion.

Grade: D

Seth Rollins responds to Edge

Seth says “hell has already frozen over” in California because Edge has not admitted is not “Edge Light” Ge feels like hes better than en Edge and every way Seth states that hes not intimidated to face edge inside the Hell in the cell. And states hes spent more time inside the HIAC than Edge has.

Grade: A

NBA Preseason Night 13: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

For our last night of preseason basketball, I won’t hold you guys for long! Not many talking points tonight as we won’t see much of the starting lineups perform tonight. This is the last day of NBA preseason before things ramp up on Thursday! Enjoy the day of basketball and have a great day!

Below are your games for tonight and my predicted winners.

Celtics vs Heat

Time: 6:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Heat

76ers vs Pistons

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: 76ers

Cavs vs Pacers

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Cavs

Wizards vs Knicks

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Knicks

Mavs vs Bucks

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: Bucks

Grizzlies vs Bulls

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: Bulls

Rockets vs Spurs

Time: 8:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Rockets

Trail Blazers vs Warriors

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

NBA Preseason Night 12: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Heat vs Hawks

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Heat

The Miami heat are on an unstoppable role right now, constantly winning and showing how the entire lineup has improved. They previously defeated the Hawks in their first game 125-99. The preseason game where we saw Tyler Herro prove doubters wrong and score 26 points in 26 minutes.

Timberwolves vs Nets

Time: 7:30pm est

Predicted Winner: Nets

The Nets have nothing to prove this preseason we already know how dominate they are, even without someone like kyrie irving. On the other hand, the Wolves have been fantastic, they have been able to win every single game so far. I expect this is continue into the regular season, but not tonight.

Nuggets vs Thunder

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: 8pm

Last night we saw a monster performance from Josh Giddy, hes got skills and you can’t look past it. Hes going to be special when it comes regular season time. 14 points, 3 Ast and Rebounds for the young guard.

Lakers vs Kings

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Lakers The Lakers continue to change lineups and decide how they will play this regular season. This preseason though, they haven’t had many bright spots. With Malik Monk, Ariza and THT all going down in the matter of 5 games. 2 key bench players and a starter. This is what the Lakers expected though, just not in the preseason. Luckily they have depth