NBA Preseason Night 7: Results

The Celtics defeat The Raptors – 113-111

What a game, in a preseason match that went down to the wire. The Celtics were able to pull out a tough win against the Raptors. We saw great scoring on the Celtics from the likes of Jayson Tatum dropping 20 points, 7 AST and 9 Rebounds. Al Horford dropping 16 points, 2 AST and 3 rebounds.

The Knicks defeat The Wizards 117-99

The Knicks played well tonight, showing that they have indeed changed. Things are looking up for the Knicks as of late. RJ Barrett was the top scorer for the Knicks dropping 18 points, 4 AST and 1 rebound. We saw more of RJ Barrett and his potential. He continues to show improvements every season. And this season looks like a huge leap for RJ.

The Hawks defeat The Grizzlies 91-87

Bogdan Bogdanović and John Collins was able to carry the load for the Hawks Tonight. Both players dropping 16 points. The Hawks were able to fight to the very end. Finally getting a wain in their preseason campaign.

My player of the night

Derrick Rose

NBA Preseason Night 7: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Raptors vs Celtics

Time: 7pm est

Predicted Winner: Raptors

The Raptors come off a loss against the 76ers, 125-113. Splitting the preseason season 1-1. Now they move onto the Celtics who will play their second preseason game after coming out with a close win against the Magic.

Knicks vs Wizards

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Knicks

The Knicks look like a brand-new team, off of just one preseason game against the pacers we see what the Knicks will bring this season. Something that they haven’t had since the years of Carmelo in 2013. And that’s spacing, and multiple players on the floor that can score. Last season the Knicks finished with the 4th seed. A place that many didn’t expect, including many Knicks fans. This will be the start of something special.

Hawks vs Grizzlies

Time: 8pm est

Predicted Winner: Hawks

The Grizzlies were very active in trades during the offseason, and it shows. They look vastly better on the boards, and interior defense is exactly what they needed to work on. They come into this battle 2-0. While the Hawks come in 0-2. I still have them coming out with the victory tonight. Mostly because of the performances of cam reddish and John Collins.  They have played incredibly well the first two games and tonight they will be able to snap the preseason losing streak.

NBA Preseason Night 6: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Pacers vs Cavs

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Cavs

Evan Mobley… what an incredible first two preseason games he has had. In his last performance against the Hawks, he had 8 points 2 Ast and 12 rebounds. Scouts and GM’s already predict Mobley to be the best player out of this year’s draft in the next year. And that is a great acknowledgement off two preseason games. The Cavs have a scary team if they can develop and stick together. Guys such as Sexton, Garland and Okoro continue to make this core potential skyrocket every season.

Nets vs Bucks

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nets

Most of the news coming from the Nets camp has been about Kyrie Irving, nobody knows what is going on with his Vaccination status. Even Kevin Durant says that hes hopeful that kyrie is able to join the team at home. The Nets will continue to play a majority of their young guys tonight In hopes of building on their already huge depth.

Pelicans’ vs Bulls

Time: 8pm EST

Predicted Winner: Bulls

The Bulls look to continue their hyped-up dominance against the Pelicans, I fully expect to see the Bulls new “Big 3” all scoring in double figures tonight. As well as always, some nice plays from Lonzo ball.

Clippers vs Mavs

Time: 8:30 pm

Predicted Winner: Mavs

The clippers and mavs, these teams will always give you a great showing. Even if its only preseason, we fully expect this game to be a fun one. Head coach Jason Kidd has already announced that Luka, Porzingis and Tim Hardaway are all slotted to play only in the first half of the game. The Clippers look to stay with the last roster from the last performance.

Heat vs Spurs

Time: 8:30 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Heat

The Miami Heat are on a tear, Tyler Herro Is who I will focus on In this quick preview of the game. He did not let up at all after the first preseason game. Where he made heads turn, in last nights game against the rockets he dropped 24 points 9 rebounds and 3 assists. I expect him to do about the same tonight, herro looks better he has his last two seasons. I fully expect his third season to be his best.

Timberwolves vs Nuggets

Time: 9pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nuggets

The Nuggets look to finally try and get a win this preseason, if they can’t I’m sure it won’t be any scratch on their back. As they are already seen as being one piece away from being in the NBA finals.

Lakers vs Warriors

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Lakers Lakers look to continue testing out lineups, testing out young guys and vets that won’t see big minutes coming into the season. The warriors also plan to test out lineups that can carry the warriors until Klay Thompson, who is expected to return around Christma

NBA Preseason Night 5: Results

76ers defeat Raptors 125-113

The 76ers looked to redeem a loss against the Raptors in their first preseason game. Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris made their first showing of the NBA campaign. The entire lineup was able to put a solid effort for the night. Seeing 8 players score in double figures.

Grizzlies defeat Hornets 128-98

The Grizzlies were able to have this game in their hands the entire way, the Hornets did have many bright spots throughout this game. We got to see what the rookie James Bouknight can do on the offense side. He put up a 17 point and 4 rebound performances. Desmond Bane put the league on notice last night. Performing incredibly well, scoring 19 points 3 ast and 6 rebounds. Stephen Adams played well as well, we already know what he can offer us though, giving the grizzlies what they needed last season was interior defense. He scored 15 points and 16 rebounds.

Heat defeat Rockets 113-106

Tyler Herro continues to perform well, this the Tyler Herro that many wanted to see last season. While injuries plagued a good part of the year, its also great to see a much bigger and developed Herro this year. He ended the game with 24 points, 3 ast and 9 rebounds. On the Rockets side, we got to see more great play from the young big 3 KPJ, Josh Christopher and Jalen Green. Jalen with 20, KPJ with 12 and Josh Christopher off the bench with 12 points.

My player of the night

Josh Christopher

NBA Preseason Night 5: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

October 7, 2021

Raptors vs 76ers

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Raptors

The Raptors come off a dominating win against the 76ers, they look to perform the same tonight. Im very excited to see how Scottie Barnes performs again. Coming off a  13/6/9 game. His potential is through the roof, we are in for a show tonight.

Grizzlies vs Hornets

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Hornets

Both teams are young, both teams are looking to build a culture behind their respective guards. This should be a fun watch for the future of the league.

Heat vs Rockets

Time: 10pm Est.

Predicted Winner: Heat

The heat looked dominate in their performance against the Hawks, everything worked for them at that night. Even so that people are saying they are favorites to make it far in the east playoffs this season. They look to carry that along tonight against a young rockets squad.

NBA Preseason Night 4: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Lakers vs Suns

Time: 6pm Est

Predicted Winner: Lakers

The Lakers come off a losing effort against the Nets. In this losing effort we saw a lot of bright spots. Mostly from the bench players, guys such as THT, Malik Monk and Nunn gave us a little taste of what to expect coming into the season. Tonight though, they face the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last season. The Suns, there has not been word for Lebron is playing tonight. But this will be a battle, and I’m sure even though its preseason both teams will look to put the league in shock.

Spurs vs Pistons

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Spurs

The Pistons get their first taste of preseason basketball tonight. Many were hoping to see Cade in his first REAL piece of NBA action but sadly they won’t. Cade Cunningham has been ruled out for this first game due to an ankle injury. The Spurs also have their own young player to be excited about, Josh Primo. In his first preseason game, he 7/8 and hit 3 out of 4 of his three shots. The youngest player in the league had a great showing in his first game and many expect that to carry over into the Pistons matchup.

Cavs vs Hawks

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Hawks

The Cavs took a grueling beating from the Bulls last time, which is what most expected. For the first time, we say the new “big 3”. Many expected them to lose, and tonight may be no different. The rookie Evan Mobley showed some potential last night. With a 10 point and 8 rebound performances The Hawks look to bounce back after a killer lose from the Miami Heat, the Heat were just better that night.

Magic vs Pelicans

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: Jalen Suggs

Both the Magic and Pelicans come off loses, The Magic lost by 1 point vs the Celtics where we seen Cole Anthony, Moritz Wagner just to name a few had steller performances. I expect them to do the same tonight vs the Pelicans who come off a 3-point game lose vs the Timberwolves. Tonight, should be a redemption for them.

Jazz vs Mavs

Time: 8:30pm Est.

Predicted Winner: Mavs

The Mavs get their first taste of preseason action tonight, we get to see KP, Luka and new Mavs guard Reggie Bullock. Yes, 3 players in the starting lineup including Tim Hardaway Jr. are former Knicks. The Mavs also picked up another former Knick Frank Ntilikina who may or may not play much during the season. The Jazz come off a lose vs the Spurs we didn’t see much from the Jazz last game. Many of the players are not looking to overuse themselves already in preseason so everyone is just having fun and figuring everything out right now.

Nuggets vs Warriors

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

I’m very excited for this matchup, both teams are qualified and fun to watch. Not much to report on, we already know what both teams offer us. Great basketball, one thing I do want to talk about is how the media is ripping Steph Curry over the pump fake fouls.

Its insane and he’s getting ripped because he was the first one to do it. While I love the change that’s happening Curry is not the only one that does this. We see guys like James Harden and Trae Young doing this on multiple occasions. I do expect though, a lot of players averages will go down. But more complaining will rise, I’m interested to see how this goes.

Kings vs Clippers

Time: 10:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Clippers

Both teams come off a huge win in the preseason, I expect this game to shockingly go down to the wire. Both teams have shown great things in the first preseason game. Marvin Bagley III seems to be still committed to being on the roster. He performed well last game, 15 points and 5 rebounds for the night. The clippers will most likely continue the trend tonight, playing their bench and young players. They performed well, I expect the same for tonight.

NBA Preseason Night 3: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

October 5, 2021

NBA fans are in for a treat, 4 action-packed games of basketball. Here we will go through every game slated tonight and provide our predications for the night.

Pacers vs Knicks

Time: 7:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Knicks

The Knicks come off an unexpected uprising last season. With the all-star play of Julius Randle, Rj Barrett and a lot of great roleplayers The Knicks look to carry this into the 2021-22 season with additions of Kemba walker and Evan Fournier.

The Pacers are currently one of the many teams that are interested in getting Ben Simmons. They look to improve this season with their draft pick Isaiah Jackson

Wizards’ vs Rockets

Time: 8 pm est

Predicted Winner: Rockets

The Wizards stick to the same game plan they do every season, Bradley Beal. That’s what some MIGHT think. But to the shock of many, the Wizards made some moves this season. With the trade of Westbrook who wanted to go the the Lakers. They receive Kuzma, and Montrezl Harrell and KCP. Spencer Dinwiddle also joins the fold. This team looks to make a splash this season.

The Rockets added a lot of great young players to what was already a solid young team last season. With the addition of Jalen Green and Josh Christopher things look to be on the upside of the young Rockets core.

Cavs vs Bulls

Time: 8pm est

Predicted Winner: Bulls

The Cavs continue to win in the draft class but have not gotten better in many aspects. This year they try and change that. With the addition of Evan Mobley, Lauri Markkanen and Rubio they look to finally make a spark this season.

Much doesn’t need to be said about the Bulls, they have improved greatly. The addition of Lonzo ball, DeRozan and Caruso has turned them into a almost required playoff team at this point. Vic and Zack are sure to be grateful for the help.

Bucks’ vs Grizzlies

Time: 8pm est

Predicted Winner: Bucks

This is our first time seeing the Bucks after winning the NBA title, much doesn’t need to be said about how exciting this team has been and will be this season.

The Grizzlies on the other hand have been active this off season. Picking up Ziaire Williams, from the draft will be key for them this season.

NBA Preseason Night 2: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

October 4, 2021

NBA fans are in for a treat, nine action-packed games of basketball. Here we will go through every game slated tonight and provide our predications for the night.

76ers vs Raptors

Time: 7 pm est

Predicted Winner: 76ers

The Ben Simmons saga during the off-season kept many NBA fans on the edge of their seat. Simmons has declared that he will never put on a 76ers jersey again. Now it’s the Embiid show.

The Raptors look a tad bit different this year, for the first time they have no Kyle Lowry. Replacing him with Goran Dragić, personally I love this swap and it compliments both teams. A lot of their play styles are very similar. Raptors also have the highly touted rookie; Scottie Barnes will make his name known early in the season.

Hawks’ vs Heat

Time: 7:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Heat

The Hawks are coming off a hot playoff run against the Knicks, 76ers and not surprisingly losing to the Bucks’ They beat the odds and look to be the Suns of this season.  Trae Young has finally come into his own and created his own persona. Its only up for the Atlanta Hawks.

The Miami Heat made a ton of great moves during the offseason, picking up Lowry and PJ tucker. While also retaining a hopeful Victor Oladipo.

Magic vs Celtics

Time: 7:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Celtics

The Orlando Magic have the keys to be a solid 5-8 seeded team this season. The issue is, they always start out hot and fiddle in the second month of the season. This one could be different, with the addition of Jalen Suggs the magic look to skyrocket in the league.

The Celtics didn’t make a huge splash this offseason, but they were able to acquire Dennis Schröder. Averaging 15.4 points 3.5 rebounds and 5.8 Ast. He is sure to help the Celtics with their starting guard spot.

Pelicans vs Timberwolves

Time: 8 pm est

Predicted Winner: Pelicans

Much doesn’t need to be said about Zion and Ingram, with the Pelicans losing Lonzo Ball there’s a noticeable hole that needs to be filled.

While Anthony Edwards didn’t win ROTY he made his name known last season. We didn’t get to see much of Towns and Russell. That is what most Wolves fans are excited about, this trio could dominate the league if healthy.

Hornets vs Thunder

Time: 8 pm est

Predicted Winner: Hornets

The Hornets shocked the league last season, this season is going to be huge for them. We seen bridges, and lamelo destroy the league with their flashy plays. Making their name known it was one of the best Hornets seasons to date.

The Thunder have draft picks for years to come and picking up Josh Giddy was huge for them. Many wait to see how this franchise will elevate and Josh is that first test.

Jazz vs Spurs

Time: 8:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Jazz

The Utah jazz are strong contenders in the west and that remains to be the case coming into this season.

The Spurs lose DeMar DeRozan, but gain a promising prospect in Joshua Primo. His rise to the top will be interesting to watch.

Warriors vs Trail Blazers

Time: 10 pm est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

This is the battle im most excited for, Klay Thompson will most likely not play tonight. But hes back for the season!

The Blazers do what they do every season, and don’t get better. Dame has been able to carry the franchise to a automatic top 5 seed every year, but this season Dame will be tested even more seeing how the Jazz and Nuggets and now Suns have been able to get better while the Blazers remain the same.

Suns vs Kings

Time: 10 pm est

Predicted Winner: Suns

The Suns are heavy favorites to be a top 3 seed in the West, there rise to the top was on for the ages. This season will be no different.

The Kings have young guys that can move the needle for the kings, Davion Mitchell one of the best talent in the league already will make this young team very fun to watch.

Nuggets vs Clippers

Time: 10:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Nuggets

The Clippers and Nuggets are both on the brink of winning a NBA title. This will be a fun matchup to watch.

Lakers Vs Nets Preseason Night 1

Tonight, we got our first taste of NBA action for the year, where we saw the Nets defeat the Lakers 123-97 while it’s only the preseason. We were still graced with the presence of current and former NBA all-stars like Anthony Davis and Deandre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldridge made his long-awaited return to action since his scary heart issue last season.

Many NBA fans have questioned if Aldridge came back too soon, but only the doctors know what’s best and not the normal viewer. If anything is wrong with LaMarcus he will be quick to bring it up and walk away again if need be.

Much of the anticipation was for NBA fans to see how well the new look lakers could mesh. The only players that were retained from last season lakers campaign was Lebron (of course), Anthony Davis, and surprisingly THT (Talen Horton-Tucker). Many expected the Lakers to take a bite at the several teams wanting THT during the off-season. But the Lakers see something in him, THT showed that he can hang with the big dogs when it came to clutch time. The 20-year-old is sure to impact the league in the years to come. Tonight, he recorded 10 points, 3 Ast and 2 rebounds. In 26 minutes. Also making an incredible play, in my “Play of The Game”

Anthony Davis showed some flair tonight, playing at Center. A position that he has publicly stated not loving. Recorded, 6 points 1 Ast and 1 Rebound in 11 minutes.

Some of the new young bulls for the Lakers also shined on the bench, in my honest opinion this Lakers bench is going to be lethal when the starting unit is cold. Malik Monk and Kendrick Nunn played incredibly well with each other. Monk dropped 15 points which lead the team in points tonight. Nunn also had a ton of great plays that won’t show in the box score, he scored 9 points and recorded 7 Rebounds.

The Nets dominated this game from the start, while most of the team was retained the Nets were able to nab some key figures that will play a critical role in the season if key players are injured. Paul Milsap played well tonight recording 10 points and 10 rebounds he made his name known this game.

The biggest story of the night, and my player of the game. Cameron Thomas, this guy is a monster. Steve Nash let him play at his own pace tonight and it showed. Every position you could see him playing great off ball, getting into the teeth of defenders, and making his name known. He’s going to be a huge player in the future if it’s with the Nets or any other team In the future. He dropped 21 points in his first action in a NBA game, this is just going to be the start of his dominant season. And he has some great vets to help him become one of the best players in the league.

My play of the game