NBA Results: Oct 21,2021

Hawks defeat the Mavs: 113-87 Top scorer for each team: Hawks: Trae Young – 19 points, 14 Ast and 2 Rebounds Mavs: Luka Dončić – 18 points, 7 Ast and 11 Rebounds What a showing for the Atlanta Hawks, this was a blowout the entire game. The Mavs just weren’t there tonight. This isn’t concerningContinue reading “NBA Results: Oct 21,2021”

NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Results

Bucks defeat the Nets 104-127 Top scorer for each team: Nets: Kevin Durant – 32 points, 4 Ast and 11 Rebounds Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo – 32 points, 7 Ast and 14 This game was absolutely breath taking, and that could be more to being excited to watch the very first game of the season. ThisContinue reading “NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Results”

NBA Preseason Night 11: Results

Suns defeat the Trail Blazers – 119-74 Top scorer for each team: Suns: Devin Booker – 17 points, 1 Ast and 3 Rebounds Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard – 12 points, 2 Ast and 2 Rebounds An absolute obliteration by the Suns, and this isn’t the only one tonight. Everything worked perfectly for the Suns tonight.Continue reading “NBA Preseason Night 11: Results”

NBA Preseason Night 10: Results

Raptors defeat the Wizards – 113-108 Top scorer for each team   Raptors: Malachi Flynn – 22 points, 3 Ast and 2 Rebounds Wizards: Kyle Kuzma – 24 points, 2 Ast and 7 Rebounds Everyone on the Wizards performed incredibly well, Spencer dropped 10, Montrezl with 17 points, KCP with 15 and Beal dropping 7Continue reading “NBA Preseason Night 10: Results”

NBA Preseason Night 9: Results

Raptors defeat the Rockets – 92-107 Top scorer for each team – Rockets: Armoni Brooks – 15 points and 1 rebound Raptors: Precious Achiuwa dropped 17 aswell as OG Anunoby The Raptors pick up a huge win against the Rockets behind the help of Precious and OG. Its always welcoming to see Precious doing great.Continue reading “NBA Preseason Night 9: Results”

NBA Preseason Night 8: Results

Spurs defeat the Magic – 101-102 Top scorer for each team: Spurs: Dejounte Murray – 18 points, 1 Ast and 5 Rebounds Magic: Terrence Ross – 20 points, 2 Ast and 1 Rebound In a game that went down the wire, we saw the Spurs pull out a tough win. Both teams deserve their propsContinue reading “NBA Preseason Night 8: Results”