Oct. 20,2021 NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule

After an incredible first night of NBA action, we in store for a slew of games tonight. Everything is on the table tonight, more analysts will come after these games since theres more to dive into and talk about. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Pacers vs Hornets Time: 7 pm Est Predicted Winner: Hornets Bulls’ vsContinue reading “Oct. 20,2021 NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule”

NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Results

Bucks defeat the Nets 104-127 Top scorer for each team: Nets: Kevin Durant – 32 points, 4 Ast and 11 Rebounds Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo – 32 points, 7 Ast and 14 This game was absolutely breath taking, and that could be more to being excited to watch the very first game of the season. ThisContinue reading “NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Results”

NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

TODAY IS THE DAY! THE RETURN OF THE NBA!! This is going to be a great night of basketball! Now let’s get to the games on the dock. Nets vs Bucks Time: 7:30pm Est Predicted Winner: Nets What a rematch we have on our hands here, the defending NBA champions from last season facing oneContinue reading “NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Predictions, Preview, Schedule”

Monday Night Raw Oct. 18, 2021 Review

Xavier Woods vs Jinder Mahal Xavier Woods wins by pinfall A solid match to start off the night, this match did more for Jinder then it did for Xavier in my opinion. Jinder controlled the majoirty of the match until the end where Xavier Woods hit his finisher. I expect balor vs woods to beContinue reading “Monday Night Raw Oct. 18, 2021 Review”

AEW Dynamite: Saturday Night Dynamite Oct. 16, 2021

AEW tonight kicks off with CM Punk joining the announce team. Dante Martin vs Malakai Black Malakai Black wins by pinfall This was an intensely technical and high flying match, Malakai Black suddenly has some rib issues, which cause him to break the hold and secure safety. Dante then has Malakai staggered, and he goesContinue reading “AEW Dynamite: Saturday Night Dynamite Oct. 16, 2021”

AEW Buy In and Rampage: Results and Review

BUY IN: Tonight we start off with Taye Conti v Santana Garrett A highly technical match between two talented woman in and out of AEW, Santana Garrett gets put into a Hammor-lock DDT and loses to Taye Conte. This now makes her record in 0-2. Promo package building up American Top Team and Junior DosContinue reading “AEW Buy In and Rampage: Results and Review”

WWE Supersized Smackdown: Review and Results

Tonights Star studded smackdown starts with a Edge Promo Edge recalls his past with Seth Rollins who tried to end his career for a second time. He talks about seth invading his home, and how he undermined edge and knows how great seth really is. He says that in the Hell In The Cell, heContinue reading “WWE Supersized Smackdown: Review and Results”

NBA Preseason Night 13: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

For our last night of preseason basketball, I won’t hold you guys for long! Not many talking points tonight as we won’t see much of the starting lineups perform tonight. This is the last day of NBA preseason before things ramp up on Thursday! Enjoy the day of basketball and have a great day! BelowContinue reading “NBA Preseason Night 13: Predictions, Preview, Schedule”

NBA Preseason Night 12: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Heat vs Hawks Time: 7pm Est Predicted Winner: Heat The Miami heat are on an unstoppable role right now, constantly winning and showing how the entire lineup has improved. They previously defeated the Hawks in their first game 125-99. The preseason game where we saw Tyler Herro prove doubters wrong and score 26 points inContinue reading “NBA Preseason Night 12: Predictions, Preview, Schedule”

NBA Preseason Night 11: Results

Suns defeat the Trail Blazers – 119-74 Top scorer for each team: Suns: Devin Booker – 17 points, 1 Ast and 3 Rebounds Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard – 12 points, 2 Ast and 2 Rebounds An absolute obliteration by the Suns, and this isn’t the only one tonight. Everything worked perfectly for the Suns tonight.Continue reading “NBA Preseason Night 11: Results”