NBA Opening Day Preview!

Well… Long time no see! The NBA season finally returning tonight as we are graced with two legendary matchups to kick off the season in style! Let us get into the action for tonight!

76ers vs. Celtics

The Celtics are recently coming off the possible firing of their “former” head coach, Ime Udoka. Also, with Danilo Gallinari and Robert Williams III out due to knee surgeries, this may be a tough matchup for the Celtics in the paint.

While on the other hand, The 76ers remained undefeated in the NBA Preseason. As well as adding two forwards that are bound to help improve the lacking size that the 76ers needed last season. James Harden and Embiid look to continue their bond on the floor. While Tyrese Maxey is bound to explode this season as a potential all-star guard.

Prediction: 76ers Win

Lakers vs. Warriors

The Warriors come into this game hot, off what many looked at as a shocking season where we saw them win an NBA title with the help of young uprising stars in Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins. Draymond Green will be the hot topic tonight as this is the first national regular season game since the training camp incident with Poole.

The Lakers are already a hot topic in the NBA, as many fans on Twitter have been sharing videos of Westbrook looking uninterested in the team. As he returns for opening night, he will have all eyes on him. Overall the team looks the same, with the addition of Patrick Beverly, who will be seemingly starting over Westbrook in the future.

Prediction: Warriors Win

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