NBA Draft Lottery 2022 – Who will get the Number #1 pick? + Odds

The NBA draft season is finally here!

What time does the NBA Draft Lottery start?

  • Date: Tuesday, May 17
  • Time: 8:00 p.m. ET | 5:00 p.m. PT

In this Preview, we will dig into the published lottery odds for tonight and take a quick look at the top 5 prospects in this year’s draft! Before we get into the team’s odds for this season. Let’s look at what is different in this year’s draft. The team that finished with the worst record is guaranteed to be in the top 5. While in previous years, the worst team was guaranteed to be in the top 4. The teams with the three worst records all have a 14% chance of receiving the coveted No. 1 overall pick. In years past, the team with the worst record had only a 25% chance, followed by a 19.9% chance and 15.6% chance for the following two teams.

Now finally lets look at the odds!!

Team Odds:

Is your favorite team one of the favorites to get the No.1 pick tonight?

Credit: Tankathon

Interested in learning about the top 5 prospects? Here we go!

Chet Holmgren/C


Chet has arguably the highest ceiling in the NBA Draft and looks to be the man who will be picked first in the NBA Draft. His ability to shoot 41% from the 3 as a 7-foot center will do wonders for any NBA team that picks him up. And, that could be the rockets. Who may look to move on from Christian Wood in the future to fully engulf this roster in young talent.

Paolo Banchero/ PF


Next to Chet, Paolo looks to be the next best in the draft. After coming off an impressive March Madness campaign, he has shown why he could have a high ceiling in the league. And like other power forwards in the league, such as Anthony Davis. He grew up as a point guard and had a growth spurt to 6-10. He has offensive versatility that any team could use.

Jaden Ivey/SG


At Purdue, many NBA scouts were worried about his ability to keep the ball and secure possessions. He may have a high turnover rate, but if the Pistons do end up with the third pick in the draft. This could be an essential pick for them going into the next season. Playing with a great playmaker in Cade could turn this duo into a scary one for the NBA.

Jabari Smith Jr/PF


OKC could be a lock to get the 4th pick in the draft as they are one of the worst teams in the league. With that being said, If OKC can stumble upon Jabari, who at a time was said to go first in the draft. They could have an almost complete starting lineup. Shai, Tre Mann, and Giddey have set an excellent foundation at OKC. could Jabari be that forward they need?

Shaedon Sharpe/SG

Now, many of you may be asking? Why is Shaedon Sharpe so high in the draft? He was the number 1 ranked player out of Highschool with the potential to be a Ja Morant guard with a high ceiling and ability to explode to the rim at any moment. While some don’t know his potential out of Highschool whatever team takes this risk will surely be rewarded.

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