NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule: Feb. 25, 2022

Hyped for the NBA Games tonight? Catch your preview here!!!!

Thunder vs Pacers

Time: 7 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Pacers

The Thunder are still in rebuild mode coming out of the all-star break, losing to the Suns last night. One positive for the Thunder coming into this last half of the season is that Shai is back. Last night he dropped 32 points in his return. The Pacers started the all-star break off a win, seeing how well Tyrese can mesh with this Pacers squad off the jump is immensely impressive.

Rockets vs Magic

Time: 7 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Rockets

The Rockets are like the Thunder, still in a clear rebuild mode coming into the second half of the season. Its clearly apparent that both teams are on the same level team wise. Expect this game to be even. At this point in the season, it would be smart for silas to play the younger guys more as the season at this current moment isn’t going anywhere.

Raptors vs Hornets

Time: 7 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Raptors

Hornets are coming into the second half cold with a 3-game losing streak since the start of the break. The Raptors are locked in behind first-time all-star Fred VanVleet and rising star Gary Trent Jr. This should be a fun game on paper, let’s see how it plays out.

Spurs vs Wizards

Time: 7 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Spurs

Washington are currently 27-31 overall and 15-15 at home, and at this point in the season the Spurs are 23-36 overall and 12-18 on the road. The Spurs are looking to push into the playoffs after winning the last three of four games.

Knicks vs Heat

Time: 7:30 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Heat

At this current time, The Knicks are at home tonight with a 13-17 record at home this season which shows how poor they play at home. New York is 25-34 overall, Miami are coming into this game 38-21 overall and 19-14 in road games. RJ Barrett is still out for the Knicks, the Miami Heat look like the clear favorites in this matchup just like they were In their first matchup on Jan. 26th beating them 110-96. Don’t let the score fool you, this game was a blunder for the knicks.

76ers vs Timberwolves

Time: 8 PM EST

Predicted Winner: 76ers

One of the biggest points coming into this game is the debut of James Harden, Im interested in seeing how him and Joel will coexist. Obviously, this has been in the talks for a while so im sure they have figured out how they want to play.

Pelicans vs Suns

Time: 9 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Suns

The Suns continue to look strong as one of the deepest teams in the league, with Chris Paul out for at least 8 weeks its going to be a challenge just because of how much he contributes on the floor without even having the ball.

Mavs vs Jazz

Time: 9 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Mavs

in their last meeting on Christmas day, the Jazz won 120-116, Donovan Mitchell was able to drop 33 that game and take the win against the Mavs. The Mavs went into the All-Star break with a brilliant 125-118 win over the New Orleans Pelicans. Luka continued to play well, as he dropped 49 points in 38 minutes to lead his team to a win.

Clippers vs Lakers

Time: 10 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Clippers

The Clippers (30-31) sit at 8th  place in the West standings, 1 and a half games ahead of the 9th place Lakers (27-31). Both teams are looking to start the last half strong so that they don’t have to play In the play in this season. The Lakers entered the All-Star break on a bad note, going 6-12 in their last 18 games.

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