NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule: Jan. 14, 2022

Hyped for the NBA Games tonight? Catch your preview here!!

Suns vs Pacers

Time: 7 PM EST

The Warriors and the Suns continue to battle out for the top spot in the west, With the warriors losing last night to the Bucks in a disgusting fashion. The Suns were able to climb back up into the top seed. Tonight should be an easy y effortless win against the Pacers as the Suns continue to blossom on all figures.

Predicted Winner: Suns

Magic vs Hornets

Time: 7 PM EST

The Hornets look hot right now, you may ask how?? they are only on a 4 game win streak. But remember, 2 of those 4 wins are back-to-back wins against the Bucks’ The Hornets continue to look strong in an east that has been moving quite a lot this season. The seeds 3 and below are still up for contention and the Hornets can have the chance to move up tonight against the Magic.

Predicted Winner: Hornets

Raptors vs Pistons

Time: 7 PM EST

The Raptors are with Scottie Barnes, and gary trent Jr is now sidelined. Tonight, the Raptors should have an easy win tonight against the helpless Pistons. Of course in this league though, anything can happen. The Pistons recently defeated the Jazz in impressive fashion, but i still have the Raptors dominating in this game

Predicted Winner: Raptors

Celtics vs 76ers

Time: 7 PM EST

In our first in a double header on ESPN, the Celtics and 76ers are two of the biggest legacy teams in the league, even though both of them are having a lackluster season. While the 76ers have been able to adjust to not having Ben Simmons on the team and are sitting at 5th which is their regular spot at the near halfway point in the season. The Celtics on the other hand are very iffy when it comes to what you are expecting them to be before the game. The Celtics have one of the worst defenses in the 4th in the league, while Brown and Tatum are both poor defenders they are going to need to tighten up tonight.

Predicted Winner: Celtics

Warriors vs Bulls

Time: 7:30 PM

In a battle between two of the best teams in the East and the West. The Warriors look to bounce back after getting destroyed by the Bucks last night. They are going to have to come out strong tonight. While the Bulls are also coming off a bad loss against the Nets.

Predicted Winner: Bulls

Hawks vs Heat

Time: 8 PM EST

The Hawks are with a new piece in Kevin Knox, there’s no word on if he would even play tonight but without cam reddish coming off an injury it’s going to show in the lineup.

Predicted Winner: Hawks

Cavs vs Spurs

Time: 8:30 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Cavs

Rockets vs Kings

Time: 10 pm est

Predicted Winner: Kings

Mavs vs Grizzlies

Time: 10 PM EST

Predicted Winner: Grizzlies

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