NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule: Jan. 11, 2022

Hyped for the NBA Games tonight? Catch your preview here!!!!

Thunder vs Wizards

Time: 7 PM EST

The Wizards received more unfortunate news today after the NBA announced that Bradley Beal is now out tonight. And has re-entered health and safety protocols after previously missing games despite not testing positive.

Predicted Winner: Wizards

Suns vs Raptors

Time: 7:30 PM EST

The Raptors have been very impressive as of late, it’s crazy to think about how solid the Raptors are after the season they had last year. The Raptors are on a 6 game win streak and looking hot right now. The Suns continue to impress, sitting at 30-9 currently. But can they stop the Suns stop a streaky Raptors right now?

Predicted Winner: Raptors

Warriors vs Grizzlies

Time: 8 PM EST

If nobody has noticed, Steph Curry has somewhat hit a wall coming into the halfway point of the season. I mean, it happens so it’s ok. We know what Steph Curry brings to the Warriors nobody will ever question that. But that’s the thing about the Warriors and how they build, in a sense they don’t NEED curry to win vs some teams. With Klay Thomspon back, they have been able to add another key piece to the lineup that they haven’t had in 2 years. They should continue to do well with Klay returning to the lineup for the second game now.

Predicted Winner: Warriors

Pistons vs Bulls

Time: 8 PM EST

Cade dropped 29 points last night vs the Jazz, but realistically he isn’t going to be the man to stop the Bulls tonight. We don’t have to continually talk about how great the Bulls have been this season, just get used to the new normal!

Predicted Winner: Bulls

Timberwolves vs Pelicans

Time: 8 PM EST

The Timberwolves have one of the best “big 3” lineups in the league, and if you disagree please watch the games and don’t focus only on highlights! This timberwolves team is tough, all it took was for DLO to finally be healthy and for Anthony Edwards to come into the fold he has been impressive this season.

Predicted Winner: Timberwolves

Nuggets vs Clippers

Time: 10:30 PM

The Clippers are still with Kawhi who the rumors are saying could make a return after the ASG and Paul George who is planning to come back soon. The Nuggets should have a easy win in this game.

Predicted Winner: Clippers

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