HAPPY NEW YEAR! NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule: Jan. 01, 2022

Pelicans vs Bucks

Time: 6:30 Pm Est

Predicted Winner: Bucks

The Bucks are coming off a dominant win against the Magic, coming into this contest they look to take a leap over the Nets who they are a Game Back from in the 2nd place. While the Pelicans continue to look lost. Without Zion and losing Lonzo this team has still not been able to get a grasp of this season, they will easily be in the lottery this draft.

Bulls vs Wizards

Time: 7 pm EST

Predicted Winner: Bulls

The Bulls are now in the first seed, incredible right? The moves they made last trade deadline to the Free Agency has made them near title contenders in the east if we are being honest. They look great. For the Wizards they are coming back to reality, sitting at the 8th seed. But this isn’t a terrible thing, they are only 6 games back from the 1st seed.

Spurs vs Pistons

Time: 7 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Spurs

Both teams are trending downwards so this game is in hindsight a meaningless one. Especially for the Pistons who have not been able to get any good signs this season. And with all of their roster out its not looking good for them currently.

Clippers vs Nets

Time: 7:30 Pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nets

Still no Kawhi for the clippers but they haven’t not too bad, sitting now at 18-18 in the 6th seed. While the Nets are looking incredible with James Harden right now. We are seeing Houston harden again because he’s able to get just be with himself and handle the game at his own

Nuggets vs Rockets

Time: 8 PM Est

Predicted Winner: Nuggets

The Rockets are starting to slip again, with Jalen green back they have seemed to lose their footing they had early this month going into their 7 game win streak. While the Nuggets continue to look great in the West.

Warriors vs Jazz

Time: 9 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

This is a great matchup between two top-quality teams, a great matchup between the first and third seed that should be sure to showcase what we already know about these two teams.

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