NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule: Nov. 11, 2021

Raptors vs 76ers

Time: 7 pm Est

Predicted Winner: 76ers

The Raptors come into this game at .500 (6-6), while the 76ers are coming into this game 8-4. Currently on a 2-game losing streak since losing embiid to covid protocols. The Raptors are on a 3-game losing streak, losing last night to the Celtics 104-88. Both teams are looking to snap a losing streak, this game means more for the Raptors as they are a team that has the ability to get better. They just got pascal back, he has been slow so far, but this is just his first few games in a long time.

Pacers vs Jazz

Time: 9 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Jazz

The Pacers come into this contest 4-8, and the Jazz sits at 8-4. The Pacers haven’t had many upsides this season so far, outside of the rookie Chris Duarte. He’s currently averaging 15 ppg 4 Rebounds and 2 Ast. Many were worried about his age coming into the league at 24, but that hasn’t affected him at all. If anything, its made him more experienced. This is why I love the fact that he stayed in college so long to build on his game. That is why he’s third on the rookie ladder as of yesterday.

Heat vs Clippers

Time: 10:30 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Heat

The Miami Heat sit at 7-4, while the clippers are 6-4. Last night the Heat played a thriller against the Lakers that went to overtime. Where the Heat lost to the Lakers 117-120. Jimmy Butler is currently hurt, as he left the game due to an ankle sprain. He won’t be playing tonight, but they have Tyler hero who has been playing incredibly well so far this season. The Clippers have Paul George who has been playing in MVP form. Right now, he’s averaging 26.7 PPG 8 Reb and 5 Ast. George has been able to fit well without Kawhi and he’s going to shine tonight now that he won’t be guarded by Jimmy Butler.

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