NBA Results: Nov. 5,2021

Spurs defeat the Magic: 102 – 89

Top scorer for each team

Spurs: Dejounte Murray – 20 points, 7 Ast and 11 Rebounds

Magic: Cole Anthony – 21 points, 6 Ast and 9 Rebounds

The Spurs were able to dominate this entire night, the magic just had no answer for them. There were few bright spots for the Magic, as Cole Anthony has another solid game this season. He currently averages 18ppg this season.  

Nets defeat the Pistons: 96-90

Top scorer for each team

Nets: Kevin Durant – 29 points, 5 Ast and 10 Rebounds

Pistons: Cade Cunningham – 17 points, 2 Ast and 4 Rebounds

The Nets cut this game closer than they wanted it to be, and for a bad reason. They just looked lost and out of the loop after building a secured lead. They managed to clean up their mistakes in the 4th, with Kd taking over much of tonight’s offense. James harden dropped a triple-double of 13-10-10.

Wizards defeat the Grizzlies: 115-87

Top scorer for each team

Wizards: Bradley Beal – 17 points, 7 Ast and 3 Rebounds

Grizzlies: Jaren Jackson Jr. – 13 points, 2 Ast and 9 Rebounds

The Wizards look GREAT! And sitting at 6-3 to start the season is exactly what beal wanted to see coming into this season. As I have stated in many former reports, the Wizard’s just look and feel different now. They are finally loaded with solid pieces, thanks to Russ. And now they can take this and carry it for the rest of the season hopefully.

Cavs vs Raptors: 102-101

Top scorer for each team

Cavs: Darius Garland – 21 points, 8 Ast and 1 Rebound

Raptors: OG Anunoby – 23 points, 5 Ast and 6 Rebounds

This was a great game that saw two young up-and-coming teams go at it, the Cavs definitely have a great piece in their hands with Evan Mobley he has been playing well so far in his first season. He dropped 18 points and secured 5 rebounds.

Knicks defeat the Bucks: 113-98

Top scorer for each team

Knicks: Julius Randle – 32 points, 4 Ast and 12 Rebounds

Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo – 25 points, 4 Ast and 7 Rebounds

What an incredible comeback from the knicks tonight, this was the big first game of the night on ESPN. The Bucks looked like they were going to win this game from the very start. At a point, they had a 21-point lead, but something clicked in the Knicks randomly. Near the middle of the second quarter, they turned it around and dominated this game from halftime to finish.

Clippers defeat the Timberwolves: 104-84

Top scorer for each team

Clippers: Paul George – 21 points, 6 Ast and 10 Rebounds

Timberwolves: Karl-Anthony Towns – 20 points and 8 Rebounds

The clippers played well, and continue to dominate with Kawhi playing. Paul George is doing what hes been doing since the start of his career and that is a reliable piece to add to your offense.

Warriors defeat the Pelicans: 126-85

Top scorer for each team

Warriors: Jordan Poole – 26, 1

Pelicans: Jonas Valančiūnas – 20, 4, 15

Kings defeat the Hornets: 140-110

Top scorer for each team

Kings: Richaun Holmes – 23,2,20

Hornets: LaMelo Ball – 24,13,3

Pacers defeat the TrailBlazers: 110-106

Top scorer for each team

Pacers: T. J. McConnell – 19,2,7

TrailBlazers: CJ McCollum – 27,6,5

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