NBA Results: Nov. 3,2021

Bucks defeat the Pistons: 117-89

Top scorer for each time:

Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo – 28 points, 9 Ast and 8 Rebounds

Pistons: Jerami Grant – 21 points, 1 Ast and 2 Rebounds

The Bucks played incredibly well tonight and were able to keep the highly touted rookie cade Cunningham to only 6 points tonight. Which out of 2 games makes his total points scored 8 points in the league. Nothing to be concerned about, but it just shows how much he must work on and get used to the NBA playstyle.

Heat defeats the Mavs: 125 – 110

Top scorer for each time:

Heat: Tyler Herro – 25 points, 4 Ast and 3 Rebounds

Mavs: Luka Dončić – 33 points, 5 Ast and 3 Rebounds

The Miami Heat continue to dominate as they go onto 6-1 and take reign of the very first spot in the conference. Typing with the Bulls for 6-1 to start the season, Tyler Herro looks incredible. He’s absolutely grown during the offseason and it shows, mind you. He’s still coming off the bench! And putting up numbers like these, ever since the first game of the preseason he has been playing well.

Jazz defeats the Kings: 119-113

Top scorer for each time:

Jazz: Donovan Mitchell – 36 points, 6 Ast and 8 Rebounds

Kings: Harrison Barnes – 23 points, 6 Rebounds

Jazz do what they needed to tonight and close out a close game vs the Kings. The Kings have been impressive this season, while they have not been winning the close games they need to. They have been able to get close with the contenders in the league so that shows improvement.

Suns defeat the Pelicans: 112-100

Top scorer for each time:

Suns: Chris Paul – 14 Points, 18 Ast and 7 Rebounds

Pelicans: Jonas Valančiūnas – 23 points, 2 Ast and 14 Rebounds

This was a fun game to watch, from both sides. With Ingram lonely in the star tier with the Pelicans. Hes now asked for help from the other players on the team, tonight Jonas was able to give him some help with 23 points and 14 Rebounds. This wasn’t enough, as we seen Chris Paul have a great game from the floor making 14 points and having an incredible playmaking game tonight. Something we see very often from Paul but tonight he shined with 18 Ast.

Lakers defeat the Rockets: 119-117

Top scorer for each time:

Lakers: LeBron James – 30 points, 10 Ast and 4 Rebounds

Rockets: Christian Wood – 26 points, 3 Ast and 16 Rebounds

Tonight was a class game from both teams, this is exactly the opposite of what we saw on the very first game on Sunday. Where we saw the Lakers win in dominating fashion. In this game, the Rockets were able to keep up with the overpowered Lakers squad. But the Lakers just were able to edge them this game. Russ and AD both dropped 27 points, while LeBron dropped 30. This is something that we should expect from the new big 3.

Play of the night

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