NBA Results: Oct. 26th 2021

Knicks defeat the 76ers: 112-99

Top scorer for each team

76ers: Tobias Harris: 23 points, 9 Ast and Rebounds

Knicks: Kemba Walker: 19 points, 5 Ast and 3 Rebounds

This game was the Knicks fest from the very start, at a point embiid was 0-5. He had 7 points at the half, but those were all from free throws. Mitch had him on lockdown the entire night. Embiid was just nowhere to be found, and that goes for the entire 76ers team. They just looked lost the entire night and the Knicks were able to take over. This is the first time since 2017 that the Knicks have beaten the 76ers.

Warriors defeat the Thunder: 106-98

Top scorer for each team

Warriors: Stephen Curry: 23 points, 4 Ast and 6 Rebounds

Thunder: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: 30 points, 4 Ast, and 1 Rebound

The Warriors get a close win against the Thunder, Shai offered much of the offense tonight as he tried to defend and score over Steph curry. Both of them had a great night.

Lakers defeat the Spurs: 125-121

Top scorer for each team

Lakers: Anthony Davis – 35 points, 4 Ast and 17 Rebounds

Spurs: Jakob Poeltl – 27 points, 14 Rebounds

Tonight, the Lakers cut it super close. Having to go out to face the Spurs without LeBron. It was a challenge that many didn’t expect. But having to go in OT with this squad behind AD’s 35 and Russ 33 was something that the Lakers needed tonight.

Mavs defeat the Rockets: 116-106

Top scorer for each team

Mavs: Luka Dončić – 26 points, 7 Ast and 14 Rebounds

Rockets: Christian Wood – 16 points, 3 Ast and 17 Rebounds

The Mavs came into this contest looking to dominate after showing a ton of flaws vs the Hawks in their season opener. Luka played fantastic tonight and showed the development that he took over the summer. The Rockets also looked great; they are a young squad so they have a lot to learn.

Jazz defeats the Nuggets: 122-110

Top scorer for each team

Jazz: Rudy Gobert – 23 points, 16 Rebounds

Nuggets: Nikola Jokić – 24 points, 5 Ast and 6 Rebounds

One of the biggest takeaways was how well the Nuggets were able to stay in this game coming into the fourth without Nikola Jokić. Jokić ended up getting hurt after playing 15 minutes. He scored 24 points, exited at the half, and was still the high scorer. That just shows you how great he is, he was missed in the last few minutes.

Play of the night:

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