NBA Results: Oct. 24, 2021

Hornets defeat the Nets: 111-95

Top scorer for each team

Hornets: Miles Bridges – 32 points, 2 Ast and 9 Rebounds

Nets: Kevin Durant – 38 points, 3 Ast and 5 Rebounds

The Hornets did exactly what I expected them to do at that was tear the Nets apart. This was in a better fashion than the win against the Nets in December of 2020 when they defeated them by 2 points. The Hornets were just all on one thought process tonight and that makes a statement and that’s what they did.

Magic defeats the Knicks – 110-104

Top scorer for each team

Magic: Cole Anthony – 29 points, 8 Ast, and 16 Rebounds

Knicks: Julius Randle – 30 points, 3 Ast and 16 Rebounds

The Knicks played well tonight until the 4th quarter well they just lost all accord. This allowed Terrence ross to take over and just control the entire 4th quarter. This isn’t something new with the Knicks and the Magic. Almost every year when they play, the Knicks get ahead. Lose focus and then get destroyed by Terrence Ross, it never fails.

The 76ers defeat the Thunder – 115 – 103

Top scorer for each team

76ers: Seth Curry – 28 points, 3 Ast and Rebounds

Thunder: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – 29 points, 8 Ast and 6 Rebounds

The 76ers tonight were controlled by Seth Curry who was able to control the 76ers the entire night. The 76ers look to build upon what they have until Ben ultimately returns when he’s mentally ready.

Celtics defeat the Rockets – 107 – 97

Top scorer for each team

Celtics: Jayson Tatum – 31 points, 2 Ast and 9 Rebounds

Rockets: Jalen Green – 30 points, 3 Ast and 4 Rebounds

This game was all about the Rockets and Jalen Green. Even though they lost, this game was all about him. In the first two games, his career-high was 9 points. But he was so hot from 3 tonight that his career-high was bound to hit the 20’s or mid 20’s. But he over exceed that and dropped 30 tonight.

Warriors’ defeat the Kings – 119 – 107

Top scorer for each team

Warriors’: Stephen Curry – 27 points, 10 Ast and 7 Rebounds

Kings: Davion Mitchell – 22 points, 4 Ast, and 1 Rebound

The Kings have such a special guard on their hands. If Fox and Davion can become all-star quality talents this could be a special backcourt. Davion has everything that you would want out of a young guard. Incredible defense and great offense, currently he’s my rookie of the year.

Lakers defeat the Grizzlies’ – 121 – 118

Top scorer for each team

Lakers: Carmelo Anthony – 28 points, 1 Ast and 3 Rebounds

Grizzlies’: Ja Morant – 40 points, 10 Ast and 3 Rebounds

Ja Morant controlled this game, he had the Lakers on the ropes the entire night. But man, watching Carmelo Anthony become the 2013 Melo again was just fascinating to watch. Tonight, Melo dropped a season-high 28 points, helped this lakers team get their first win as a new team. Including the preseason, and he became 9th on the most scoring list. This was a great night for melo.

Player of the night, Carmelo Anthony.

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