NBA Team Of The Week: Week 1

Here is your team of the week as of today October 24th 2021! This week covers the start of the NBA season oct. 19th 2021 till today!

This will be a weekly thing that will be covered here on SportsGotNext! These are concept cards, showing the best player in (my opinion) for the week. This page will show the player and there best player of the week!

Starting at Point guard! Steph Curry

In these first two NBA games, he proved why hes one of the best guards in the NBA. Maybe even the best, in his last game he dropped 45 points and 25 in the first quarter! The Warriors currently sit 2-0 because of him

At shooting guard! Jaylen Brown!

His game against the Knicks made him a lock for this weeks team of the week. 46 points, in 46 minutes against the Knicks after just coming out of Quarantine is absolutely incredible.

At Small Forward! Tyler Herro!

Since we had brown, i really wanted to find a way to get Herro on this list. And yes he does play SF! In the first two games he has dropped 27 against the bucks and 30 against the Pacers. He has exceeded expectations in this week first of NBA ball. Don’t be shocked if you see him on this life for weeks to come.

At Power Forward! Paul George

Paul George had a great first week of basketball hes dropped 29 against the Warriors in a strong showing. And went off for 41 against the Grizzlies. These are common things for George, but now that Kawhi is out for the season im expecting this to be a normal thing.

Finally! at Center, Rudy Gobert!

Now this week, the showing from Centers wasn’t really that groundbreaking. But when it comes to rebounding you can always count on Rudy. He didn’t have many highlight plays, but here is Rudy talking with Holly Rowe in french!

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