NBA Predictions, Preview, Schedule: Oct. 22, 2021

Knicks vs Magic

Time: 7 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Knicks

The Knicks had possibly one of the best games in the NBA in years against the Celtics. This game had it all, suspense, back and forth scoring with big and small stars going at it. The Knicks look to continue this path with a win against the Magic tonight.

The Magic lost their first game against the Spurs in a disgusting fashion, they have two back-to-back games against the Knicks, so they look to at least get one game.

Hornets’ vs Cavs

Time: 7 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Hornets

The Hornets are coming off a thriller against the Pacers, defeating them 123-122 in the first game of the season. Tonight, against the Cavs they face their equal in the East. A team that was bad for a while but is finally starting to add pieces to their core to get into the playoffs. Melo ended that night with 31 points 7 Ast and 9 Rebounds. A Absolutely great performance I expect the same for tonight.

The Cavs have one of the best Sf, PF, C big man combinations in the league on paper, losing to the grizzlies was tough for them, they are looking to come out with a vengeance tonight.

Pacers vs Wizards

Time: 7 pm Est

Predicted Winner: Wizards

Pacers lost a close game to the Hornets, with the scoring of Domantas Sabonis dropping 33 and 15 Rebounds but that wasn’t enough. They look to defeat the Wizards tonight.

The Wizards look great, after defeating the Raptors you can tell they have something nice behind them. And honestly, for the first time. Outside of John Wall and Russ, Beal might finally have some help. Spencer, Kuzma, and Harrell are great pieces for them this season.

Nets vs 76ers

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nets

The Nets come off an underwhelming performance against the Bucks, all I can say is that they badly need kyrie. And obviously, the chemistry, Harden, and KD even though it’s been years since the OKC days. They still haven’t played with each other in so long, KD is a champion and an MVP now. Harden is one of the greatest scoring guards ever. Things will come for them eventually.

The 76ers are currently dealing with their Ben Simmons issue. And speaking of, this morning Ben told everyone on the 76ers that he’s ready to return but he’s not mentally ready. This is something he should have done from the start, or better yet. Just accepted that he messed up, and then develop his game.

Raptors vs Celtics

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Celtics

Celtics have a sour taste in their mouths due to the loss vs the Knicks. But man, did yall see what Jaylen Brown did this week? Hint: he’s definitely in this week, a team of the week. Dropping 46 points in 46 minutes in a double OT thriller after JUST coming out of quarantine is insane.

The Raptors are young now, getting thrashed by the Wizards is something we may come to expect as these guys develop into their own.

Thunder vs Rockets

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: Rockets

The Thunder and Rockets both have two of the most exciting players in the league right now. Especially at the guard spot. Josh Giddy for the Thunder and my personal favorites KPJ, Josh Christopher and Jalen Green.

Pelicans’ vs Bulls

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: Bulls

The Bulls have one of my favorite cores in the league right now. Lonzo, Demar, and Lavine.  Lets see how they carry this tonight for the Pelicans.

Spurs vs Nuggets

Time: 9pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nuggets

The Nuggets continue to look like favorites in the West after their first win against the Suns. Who I feel like they would have defiantly been in the finals over them if Jamal was healthy.

Jazz vs Kings

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Jazz

The feel the same way about the Jazz that I do with the Nuggets, you know what this team brings to the court every night. The Jazz has blossomed as front runners in the West since the bubble playoffs. This team is special and will dominate tonight.

Suns vs Lakers

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Lakers

The Lakers are still getting it together, it was a bad performance from Russ in the opening night, but it happens. But Russ must figure out things quickly. Because him chucking up shots and turning over the ball is going to cost them every single night.

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