NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Results

Bucks defeat the Nets 104-127

Top scorer for each team:

Nets: Kevin Durant – 32 points, 4 Ast and 11 Rebounds

Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo – 32 points, 7 Ast and 14

This game was absolutely breath taking, and that could be more to being excited to watch the very first game of the season. This game wasn’t the best in terms of back and forth battles between the two teams. This matchup really showed how dominate Giannis is going to be this season, the Nets just could not catch up at any point in this game.

The Nets badly needed Kyrie tonight, or if not Kyrie they needed a quality guard to take over while hes gone. Things are going to jell for the Nets due to being without him, and having a new bench behind them. So no need to worry.

Warriors defeat the Lakers: 121-114

Top scorer for each team:

Warriors: Stephen Curry – 21 points, 10 rebounds and Ast

Lakers: Lebron James – 34 points, 5 Ast and 11 Rebounds

What a game, it was all Lakers until the 4th quarter where the Lakers just went ghost and let Curry and Poole dominate. Lebron James and Anthony Davis played incredibly well tonight, while russ kind of lagged them behind. He played terrible tonight, and i would hope that he would be keen on getting his groove back quick because this season is going to go by fast. Obviously, this team still needs time to jell. But the Lakers have not won a game with this new team yet, and thats including the preseason games.

Player of the night and Play of the night

Lebron James:

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