NBA Opening Day Oct. 19,2021: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

TODAY IS THE DAY! THE RETURN OF THE NBA!! This is going to be a great night of basketball! Now let’s get to the games on the dock.

Nets vs Bucks

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Nets

What a rematch we have on our hands here, the defending NBA champions from last season facing one of the best teams in the east in the Brooklyn Nets. This is going to be a scoring fest tonight, I fully expect KD and Harden to both get 30 tonight. With Giannis showing us how good hes become at the three-point shot, I’m very excited for this game.

Lakers vs Warriors

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

Now, before this preseason/season started I would have picked the Lakers, but the way that the Warriors have managed to get young depth and build upon that with Jordan Poole, I expect them to play incredibly well. Even with Steph Curry it may not be enough to carry them to a high seed, but for the first game of the season I think its enough to beat the Lakers.

If I’m going by jus the preseason here, it seems to me like the Lakers are still learning the team. And they have every right too, the only players returning this season are Lebron, AD, and THT. So things are not going to click immediately but when they do, its going to be scary.

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