Monday Night Raw Oct. 18, 2021 Review

Xavier Woods vs Jinder Mahal

Xavier Woods wins by pinfall

A solid match to start off the night, this match did more for Jinder then it did for Xavier in my opinion. Jinder controlled the majoirty of the match until the end where Xavier Woods hit his finisher. I expect balor vs woods to be a great match on thursday. It would make sense for Xavier to win since hes the only one thats been pushed and seen as the front runner for this tournament.

Austin Theory vs Jeff Hardy

Austin Theory wins by pinfall

Another quick squash match for Theory, getting another win vs Hardy. This time though, Hardy was the one that got to take a selfie with a downed Theory. Im guessing this was his revenge.

Big E and Drew Mcintyre vs Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Big E and Drew McIntyre win by pinfall

Drew and Big E strategized this match to work together. at the start of this match, all the talk was can Big E and Drew be able to coexist with each other after what happened last week.

This match was more about the way these two were going to work together then about the action. A big ending won the match after a tag from Drew. At the end of the match these two argued and bickered, building more hype to this match on Thursday.

This is one of the matches that I’m excited about, two of my favorite wrestlers and seeing them at the top makes me happy, should be a great match and title defense from big E

Mansoor vs Cedric Alexander

Mansoor wins by pinfall

A match that helped bring hype to the Mansoor and Ali match, that will make history in Saudi as the first match between two Muslims in Saudi for WWE.

This win helped Mansoor atleast gain some momentum before Thursday. After the match Ali comes out and says he’s going to wipe “that stupid smile off of” Mansoor’s face in his hometown on Thursday.

Goldberg and Bobby Lashley interview

Goldberg talks again about wanting to kill Bobby for touching his son, and Bobby talks about this match ending the same way that Summer-slam ended with his on his back and his kids not able to help I’m. This time.

This was a decent interview, they basically reiterated what they have been saying the past few weeks. This feud is alright, but I do love that Bobby is still getting main event feuds while he’s not champion

Rk-Bro vs The Street Profits

Match ended in DQ

A great tag team match, the Street Profits return showed to pay dividends until the end of the match. Where we see Omas come out to aj styles music, and aj styles sneak attack from behind just as orton did to him.

Shayna Baszler vs Doudrop

Doudrop wins by pinfall

Wow! What a match, this was short and sweet. A quality match between these two woman that ended with Doudrop picking up the victory after getting out of Shayna’s lethal submission move

Finn Balor vs Mace

Finna Balor wins by pinfall

It was nice to see Mace in singles action tonight, even if it was a random matchup. Xavier Woods watched the entire match from the throne, watching his opponent for Thursday go to work on Mace.

Charlotte Flair vs Bianca for the Raw Womens Championship

A wrestlemania quality match that ended due to Charlotte flair using a chair at the very last minute. This was a solid match that shows how great both of these woman are.

Overall the show was alright. Nothing that will get people out of there seats and hyped. I fully expected Roman to show up but that didn’t happen.

Grade: C

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