AEW Dynamite: Saturday Night Dynamite Oct. 16, 2021

AEW tonight kicks off with CM Punk joining the announce team.

Dante Martin vs Malakai Black

Malakai Black wins by pinfall

This was an intensely technical and high flying match, Malakai Black suddenly has some rib issues, which cause him to break the hold and secure safety. Dante then has Malakai staggered, and he goes for a springboard move off one foot! BLACK MASS! Malakai Black wins!

Fantastic match to start off this special night of dynamite, from a match that was randomly booked and placed on this show due to a open challenge proposed by Dante Martin.

Grade: A

FTR vs The Lucha Brothers for the AAA tag team championships

FTR wins by pinfall

Throughout this entire match, the Lucha Bros have been trying to take the masks off of Las Super Ranas. They got the mask off, and it was reveled to be FTR. This was a great lucha bros styles match after getting the masks off. Near the end of the match, Tully came out and he distracts referee Aubrey Edwards. Harwood with one of the AAA tag titles! Belt shot connects! Brainbuster! And FTR wn the AAA tag titles!

Grade: A

Wheeler Yuta vs Jon Moxley

This match started out with Moxley absolutely destroying Yuta. Not letting him get up for even a breathe of fresh air. Jon made sure to make quick work with Yuta and defeats him in an incredibly fast match.

Grade: B

Young Bucks and Adam Cole vs Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds and John Silver

One thing i can say about AEW is that they know how to put on entertaining tag team matches. This match was as incredible as the AAA title match. In this match we saw how great each of these wrestlers are, even got a callback to Mick Foley’s mr socko. The Young Bucks and Cole was just too much for Evil Uno and the dark order.

After the match, we see jungle boy intrude after beating beat up in the backstage earlier in the night.

Grade: A+

Kiera Hogan vs Penelope Ford

Penelope Ford defeated Kiera Hogan

This was a match that saw two of the best woman wrestlers in AEW hash it out

Bryan Danielson vs Bobby Fish

Danielson wins by submission

My match of the night, this was a very technical match. Just as we seen from last night, Bryan has been wrestling in the style that he used to. Before WWE bryan was a tough and rugged wrestler and im happy we get to see that side of bryan here in AEW. After a highly contested match, we see Bobby Fish tap out to Danielson.

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