NBA Preseason Night 12: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Heat vs Hawks

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Heat

The Miami heat are on an unstoppable role right now, constantly winning and showing how the entire lineup has improved. They previously defeated the Hawks in their first game 125-99. The preseason game where we saw Tyler Herro prove doubters wrong and score 26 points in 26 minutes.

Timberwolves vs Nets

Time: 7:30pm est

Predicted Winner: Nets

The Nets have nothing to prove this preseason we already know how dominate they are, even without someone like kyrie irving. On the other hand, the Wolves have been fantastic, they have been able to win every single game so far. I expect this is continue into the regular season, but not tonight.

Nuggets vs Thunder

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: 8pm

Last night we saw a monster performance from Josh Giddy, hes got skills and you can’t look past it. Hes going to be special when it comes regular season time. 14 points, 3 Ast and Rebounds for the young guard.

Lakers vs Kings

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Lakers The Lakers continue to change lineups and decide how they will play this regular season. This preseason though, they haven’t had many bright spots. With Malik Monk, Ariza and THT all going down in the matter of 5 games. 2 key bench players and a starter. This is what the Lakers expected though, just not in the preseason. Luckily they have depth

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