NBA Preseason Night 11: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Blazers vs Suns

Time: 5pm Est

Predicted Winner: Suns

The Blazers play in their second to last preseason game tonight, and honestly I have so many questions for this team and franchise for that matter. How long will it take to get a team behind dame. Fans of the blazers ask themselves this every season, and every season nothing changes. It’s the same team, with little pieces added here and there. And then those pieces are snatched away from them in a yeae or two because this team has no foundation outside CJ and Dame.

Mavs vs Hornets

Time: 6:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Mavs

The Mavs are currently 2-0 in their summer league and have looked impressive, in the win against the Clippers we were able to see KP and Luka back together. This season is going to be very interesting, because even though Luka is seen as the cornerstone for this franchise. How does that make KP really feel? Also how will Luka react when the Mavs make the playoffs again and potentially lose.

Grizzlies vs Pacers

Time: 7pm est

Predicted Winner: Grizzlies

As I have stated every single preseason preview, this team looks exceptional. Something that I myself has not said since the days of Mike Conley, Tony Allen and Marc Gasol. This team looks like it finally has some structure and depth behind Ja. Don’t be shocked if this team goes deep this year.

Celtics vs Magic

Time: 7pm est

Predicted Winner: Celtics

What more can you say about the Celtics, they just look unstoppable behind a healthy Jayson Tatum, last season the Celtics didn’t have their full core for the majority of the year. And when they did have them, majority of the team was coming back from having covid. Tatum has been

on the record, stating that after getting covid he just didn’t feel the same. This season, we are in store for a career year for Tatum.

Pistons vs Knicks

Time: 7:30pm est

Predicted Winner: Knicks

The Knicks looked strong in their win against the Wizards. Dominating the entire way, I expect this game to be the same. Especially since cade is still out and may not make it for the season opener.

Nuggets vs Thunder

Time: 8pm est

Predicted Winner: Nuggets

The Nuggets have lost all of their games coming into the preseason, none of that matters though. This team is still figuring out the kinks and not even using there full roster. I fully expect this game to be a easy win for the Nuggets.

Bucks vs Jazz

Time: 9pm Est

Predicted Winner: Bucks

My game of the night, this is going to be a slobber knocker. Two of the best teams in the league going at it in preseason. The NBA season is gearing back around, and this matchup is just giving us a taste of what we could possibly see in the NBA finals.

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