NBA Preseason Night 10: Results

Raptors defeat the Wizards – 113-108

Top scorer for each team  

Raptors: Malachi Flynn – 22 points, 3 Ast and 2 Rebounds

Wizards: Kyle Kuzma – 24 points, 2 Ast and 7 Rebounds

Everyone on the Wizards performed incredibly well, Spencer dropped 10, Montrezl with 17 points, KCP with 15 and Beal dropping 7 points. This wasn’t enough to beat this young Raptors squad though. They played exceptionally well tonight, where we saw the young guard Malachi Flynn score 22 points in a strong offensive showing. His name didn’t ring any bells last season, but if he continues to play like this. He could easily be a contender for MIP if given enough minutes.

Warriors defeat the Lakers – 111-99

Top scorer for each team  

Warriors: Damion Lee – 16 points, 2 Ast and 9 Rebounds

Lakers: Anthony Davis – 20 points, 2 Ast and 6 Rebounds

The Warriors continue to truck through teams throughout this preseason campaign. This makes 2 wins in a row vs the Lakers this preseason. While none of that matters, it’s still something to pay attention to.

This game was close until the very end where we see the lakers offense become stagnant and become riddled with turnovers and missed shots, just like how the game started. Some positives that came out of this game was again, the lakers bench.

With THT, and monk hurt as well as their starter Ariza. But thankfully they have some depth on the bench. Lebron made over 4 turnovers in the first quarter alone but begun to tighten up. Lebron was keen on playing these last 2 preseason games for the team to get more connected during a real game.

My Play Of The Night

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