WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results Oct. 12, 2021

Welcome to your SportsGotNext coverage of NXT 2.0 for Oct. 12, 2021.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Joe Gacy

In our opening match we saw Ciampa pickup the big victory. Starting out strong in this match we see an onslaught of offense from Ciampa. A very technical match that we were given tonight, showing how both guys can tear each others arm out of the socket. Throughout this whole match, Gacy fought hard to get a chance to insert himself in the NXT title match at Halloween Havoc. A solid match to start the night.

Tommaso Ciampa wins by pinfall

Grade: B

Toxic Attraction Promo

In this promo the three girls all talk about taking the gold from the woman in NXT, Many rose proclaims that whatever hair she has she’s still the baddest in the game. With a win at Halloween Havoc, Toxic Attraction would be the first NXT woman’s tag trio to get the NXT woman’s and Tag Team titles.

Grade: B

Xyon Quinn vs Malik Blade

A great match, this match was able to show what Quinn could do in the ring. He looks to be someone that NXT could be building in the future. When you watch him in the ring he has that IT factor that any young uprising talent should have.

Xyon Quinn wins by pinfall

Grade: B

Ivy Nile vs Valentina Forez

This match did exactly what it was designed to do, show how powerful and accomplished Ivy Nile is in the ring. At points Forez could be seen with her head being stomped on the bottom turnbuckle. To being picked up and thrown around like a toy. Ivy Nile was able to display a good part of her move-set during this squash match.

Ivy Nile wins by submission

Grade: B

At the end of the match, Malcom cuts a promo continuing to boast about Ivy Nile. While Malcolm is about to introduce Rodrick Strong, Ikeman jiro comes out and punches Julius Creed.

Ikeman Jiro vs Julius Creed

Julius Creed was able to hold his own throughout the entire match, Jiro was able to get some offense in but it just wasn’t enough. Julius catches Jiro out of the air and makes him pay for the victory. At the end of the match we see Diamond Mine beat up on Jiro, and we see the return of Kushida! Who is there to save Jiro, this is Kushidas first appearance since losing the cruiserweight title to Rodrick Strong.

Julius Creed wins by pinfall

Grade: B

Von Wagner and Kyle O’Riley vs Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland

This was an absolutely fantastic tag team match, one of the best tag matches that i have seen on WWE tv in a long time. In the end, Dunne gets the running knee from the ring apron. Von and Ridge both tag in, and Von Wagner wins with the double underhook sidewinder.

Von Wagner and Kyle O’Reilly by pinfall

Grade: A

Duke Hudson vs Grayson Waller

This was a short but good match, Grayson Waller hits a lcean stunner on Hudson, picks him up for a near fall. Waller goes back to the ropes, but Duke kicks the rope on the springboard move and grabs Waller’s tights to pick up the win.

Duke Hudson wins by rollup

Grade: C –

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta vs Sarray and Amari Miller

A solid tag team match, where we see Persia and Indi takeover the majority of this contest. Showcasing how well they both can be used in the ring. Hartwell was able to end this contest fairly quickly with the her finishing move.

Indi Hartwell picks up the victory by pinfall

Grade: C

After the match, we see Persia proposing that her and Indi should go for the NXT tag team titles. Then Zoey Stark and Io Shirai show up. Io says that she doesn’t like Indi, Persia and Stark. Then Toxic Attraction show up. Dolin and Jayne say they don’t care about anything or anyone except the tag team titles. This starts a three team brawl in the ring, where we see Io and stark come out on top.

Santos Escobar vs Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

What. A. Match.

Sadly this is the last time that we see Swerve scott in NXT, where Hit Row has been able to be one of the diamonds in the rough for the company. Lets hope for the same when they go to Smackdown. At the start of the match we see swerve scott stop Santos mid entrance and blindsides him. Escobar and Swerve left everything in the ring tonight. These two have been rivals for the better part of a year, and this was the culmination of their feud on NXT.

So many great moves was hit throughout this match, such as a frog splash from Santos, and an attempted 450 splash on Santos by Scott but was countered with the double knees.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott wins by pinfall

But wait….. after the match we see Carmelo Hayes cash in his breakout star contract that allows him to challenge for a title. (The NXT version of the MITB for young talent)

After a kick-out from Scott, we see Hayes hit a pump kick on swerve. Hayes goes to the top and hits a mean leg drop to the beck of the neck. Carmelo Hayes is your new North American Champion!

Grade: A+

What an excellent match and a way to end a great night of wrestling! Thank you, and join us for tomorrows AEW Dynamite!

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