NBA Preseason Night 9: Results

Raptors defeat the Rockets – 92-107

Top scorer for each team –

Rockets: Armoni Brooks – 15 points and 1 rebound

Raptors: Precious Achiuwa dropped 17 aswell as OG Anunoby

The Raptors pick up a huge win against the Rockets behind the help of Precious and OG. Its always welcoming to see Precious doing great. I feel like a lot of his depth wasn’t used on the Heat. If that wasn’t the case, then he needed a brand-new team. This could be his chance to finally get some ground in his NBA career.

Heat defeat the Hornets – 104-103

Top scorer for each team –

Heat: Bam Adebayo – 18 points, 1 Ast and 5 Rebounds

Hornets: Miles Bridges – 22 points, 6 Ast and 10 Rebounds

The Miami Heat was able to creep by and get a big win against the Hornets to stay undefeated in the preseason. They continue to be a team that looks to come out hot at the start of the season.

76ers defeat the Nets – 115-104

Top scorer for each team –

76ers: Furkan Korkmaz – 27 points, 4 Ast and 3 Rebounds

Nets: Kevin Durant – 23 points, 1 Ast and 7 Rebounds

The 76ers we able to handle a hot KD tonight, with the help of a man named Furkan Korkmaz. Furkan always has these type of games every few months. Hes a great player who’s potential is being tapped into every few games that he has. If hes able to stay this hot throughout the season, it would be huge for the 76ers at the guard spot.

Grizzlies defeat the Pistons – 127-92

Top scorer for each team –

Grizzlies Ja Morant – 24 points, 5 Ast and 2 Rebounds

Pistons: Jerami Grant – 13 points, 3 Ast and 1 Rebound

The Grizzlies continue to improve every single preseason game, its admiring watching ja Morant perform every night. Something that leaves you in awe with every single performance.

Jazz defeat the Pelicans – 127-96

Top scorer for each team –

Jazz: Rudy Gobert – 19 points, 2 Ast and 19 Rebounds

Pelicans: Jonas Valančiūnas – 12 points, 2 Ast and 6 Rebounds

Kings defeat the Trailblazers – 107 – 93

Top scorer for each team –

Kings: Davion Mitchell – 20 points, 4 Ast and 2 Rebounds

Trailblazers: Anfernee Simons – 24 points, 1 Ast and 2 Rebounds

As the score shows, the kings had a very dominant game. With no Dame or CJ in the lineup, the blazers were reliant on the young guys. Anfernee showed signs of dame during this contest but that was not enough to hold an fantastic night for the rookie Davion Mitchell. As I stated in my life post game review for the Kings game against the Clippers. Mitchell is going to be a special player, and I will stick by that in every report.

Timberwolves defeat the Clippers – 128-100

Top scorer for each team –

Timberwolves: D’Angelo Russell – 19 points, 9 Ast and 7 Rebounds

Clippers: Luke Kennard – 18 points, 2 Ast and 5 Rebounds

Another dominating win for the Timberwolves this preseason, one fo the biggest takeaways from tonight’s game was being able to see D’lo, Kat, and Edwards on the floor with each other. All three of these guys played fantastic tonight. Kat and Edwards both gave the Wolves 17 tonight. While doing a lot on the floor, things that just won’t show up on the box score and that’s hustle. You can tell that this young core is going to be different this year and I’m excited to see a healthy wolves team again.

My Play Of The Night

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