Monday Night Raw Oct. 11, 2021 Review

Welcome to your review and results for Monday Night Raw!

Raw started out tonight with a preview of the big tag team match tonight

Bianca and Sasha vs Charlotte and Becky

The first real action of the night comes from Drew and Big E

Drew and Big E go face to face

The highly anticipated Big E vs Drew that will be at the Saudi PPV. Speaking of the PPV its always seen as by WWE a bigger event then WrestleMania and we are getting that. One week from Thursday

Drew talks about this being his last chance at the raw title before going to smackdown, Big E interrupts him as hes about to speak.

Big E talks about how great it is to be WWE champion, telling Drew he will never take the title away from him. Drew boasts about him being a champion and knowing what it takes to hold the title for 300 days. Leading the company through the pandemic era because he never got to experience the title with the fans.

As Big E and Drew begin to inch closer to each other, the Usos come out. This could be simple ways to plant the seeds of a drew vs roman feud that will happen probably after romans match with Lesner.

The Usos said they are sending warning shots, even though they are on Smackdown. They continue to hype up the potential for a Drew vs Roman match. As well as the New Day vs the Usos as feud that we seen so many times but every time we get it it’s still great.

With this, we get a match tonight between the usos and Drew and Big E

Grade: B+

I thought this promo went very well, it helped both guys stay in character will showing signs of aggression from each.

King of the Ring match: Xavier Woods vs Ricochet

Xavier Woods wins by pinfall

This match was one for the record books, whenever Ricochet and Woods get in the ring with guys in their weight class they always put on a great performance.

Both guys were able to stay airborne throughout this entire even hitting a suplex from the top rope. Woods is so gifted in the ring, hopefully he can go far in this tournament. I would love to see Woods get a role wearing the crown. It would add so much depth to his character, which i feel needs a push. We know the New Day as a great tag team, but i think with Big E winning the WWE title. Its only right for Woods to get his share of a singles push, while still staying in the New Day of course.

On the other hand, ricochet wrestled like he does every single match. Puts his body on the line while putting on a show for the fans. I want him to succeed in the WWE and hopefully this move to smackdown does that.

With this win, Woods moves on. Could we be seeing a Woods and Kofi match in the next round?

Grade: A

Randy Orton and Riddle promo:

This promo was all about Riddle facing Omas and there being a miscommunication between Randy and Riddle. Just something to plant the seeds in the Styles and Omas match soon to come

Grade: D

Mansoor and Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander And Shelton Benjamin:

The Hurt Business wins by pinfall

The match started without an on TV entrance for the hurt business. The match started off strong, with Ali and Mansoor putting on most of the offense. But this match ended very quickly with the hurt business coming out on top.

After the match we see Ali frustrated at Mansoor

Grade: F

This segment was pointless and something that could have been done in the backstage.

Queens crown tournament:

Shayna Baszler vs Dana Brooke

When the match was announced it was obvious who would win this contest. Another one minute match during this tournament. I wish this match got more time but it was a good outcome.

Grade: F

Riddle vs Omas

Omas wins by pinfall

This match started off with Riddle waiting for Randy to intrude the match, as Omas is about to end this match. Aj stops Omas and says that he wants to destroy Riddle. Styles instructs Omas to do a roundhouse kick, which is replayed multiple times. Omas does the “CB” and ends the match.

As AJ is about to come in the ring, Randy’s music plays but no randy is found. After a minute we see randy randomly appear behind AJ to rko him.

Grade: C

Bobby Lashley promo on Goldberg:

Bobby Lashley talks about what happened on raw last week, where Goldberg proclaims that he wants to kill Bobby for hurting his son. Bobby boasts about Goldberg not being able to beat almighty.

This was a short promo that set a tiny bit of hype for the battle in 2 weeks.

Grade: D

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Theory

Austin Theory wins by rollup

This match was used to try and elevate Austin Theory. While in turn it didn’t, we also seen the 24/7 jobbers come into this match for what reason nobody knows. A match that should have went a little longer.

Grade: D

Jinder Mahal vs Kofi Kingston

Jinder Mahal wins by pinfall

This was a solid technical match between two competitors. Kofi dominated the majority of this match. Until the end, where we seen Jinder catch Kofi mid air and put in the Khallas. It sucks that we wont see Woods vs Kofi next week. You would think that it was almost a shoe in since they teased it all night. But with this victory, at-least it makes it easier for Woods to make it to the finals without drama.

Bianca and Sasha vs Charlotte and Becky

Match ends in DQ

This match started off with chaos, Bianca and Sasha fighting over who would start. After minutes of both teams not being able to be controlled. Mangement came out before the commercial break to restart the match. Overall this was a solid match, we saw alot of bickering and smack talk more then wrestling.

Until the end of the match, where it ended in a DQ because of Bianca and Sasha fighting. We then see Bianca and Becky squabble as-well as Becky and Sasha. Setting up hype for crown jewel. This tag team match did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Grade: B+

Doudrop vs Natalya

Doudrop wins by pinfall

The best of the womans matches tonight, we got to see Doudrop in more singles action tonight which was much needed for her career. Doudrop has a nice character, but i feel like she could have a great run as a heel. Its going to be interesting to see what the main roster has in store for Doudrop.

Grade: B

Big E and Drew Mcintyre vs The Usos

This was an excellent match, and my match of the night. We saw Big E and Drew work exceptionally well with each other. This is everything that i wanted in an main event tag team match. I also love how well they have been able to put this feud together. It is super rare now in the WWE where we see a face vs a face for a title. Its something fresh thats much needed, not every feud has to be heel vs face. Maybe sometimes a face wants a title that another face has. There can be a level respect between them as we see in this feud.

I loved that during the match we seen Big E tag himself in and bicker with Drew. Adding some fight and aggression to this feud. We got a little taste of what we can expect at Crown Jewel, this is exactly how this match should have ended.

Overall, i thought this show was pretty average. Nothing to run home about, or be excited for after watching. Next week is the go home show for Crown Jewel so i expect the WWE content on Raw and Smackdown to be ramped up a tad bit.

Grade: A

Overall Grade: C

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