NBA Preseason Night 8: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Oct. 10, 2021

Spurs vs Magic

Time: 6pm Est

Predicted Winner: Spurs

The Spurs come into this contest 1-2, coming off a loss from the Miami Heat they look to bounce back vs the Magic. Keldon Johnson showed out for the Spurs last game dropping 23 points.

Bulls vs Cavs

Time: 7pm est

Predicted Winner: Bulls

The Bulls continue to look good in the preseason, I don’t expect this team to slow down in the remaining preseason games. In their last win vs the Pelicans we saw the new big 3 perform well. Demar dropped 12 points 2 Ast and 6 rebounds. Lonzo dropped 19 points 4 ast and 5 rebounds. With Zach LaVine dropping 21 points with 3 rebounds and Assist.

Thunder vs Bucks

Time: 7:30pm est

Predicted Winner: Bucks

The Bucks were not able to pull out a win vs the Nets. The Bucks have been putting out their deep bench for these preseason games. And that’s exactly what they should be doing. It helps rest the starting lineup. We already know what the Bucks are going to give us this season, and that’s dominating basketball.

Suns vs Lakers

Time: 10pm est

Predicted Winner: Lakers

The lakers look to snag a win against the Suns who they were defeated by on Oct. 6. 105-117, I fully expect to see Russ and Lebron play again. While the coach wants to save the unveiling off the big 3 first the season opener.

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