NBA Preseason Night 7: Results

The Celtics defeat The Raptors – 113-111

What a game, in a preseason match that went down to the wire. The Celtics were able to pull out a tough win against the Raptors. We saw great scoring on the Celtics from the likes of Jayson Tatum dropping 20 points, 7 AST and 9 Rebounds. Al Horford dropping 16 points, 2 AST and 3 rebounds.

The Knicks defeat The Wizards 117-99

The Knicks played well tonight, showing that they have indeed changed. Things are looking up for the Knicks as of late. RJ Barrett was the top scorer for the Knicks dropping 18 points, 4 AST and 1 rebound. We saw more of RJ Barrett and his potential. He continues to show improvements every season. And this season looks like a huge leap for RJ.

The Hawks defeat The Grizzlies 91-87

Bogdan Bogdanović and John Collins was able to carry the load for the Hawks Tonight. Both players dropping 16 points. The Hawks were able to fight to the very end. Finally getting a wain in their preseason campaign.

My player of the night

Derrick Rose

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