NBA Preseason Night 4: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

Lakers vs Suns

Time: 6pm Est

Predicted Winner: Lakers

The Lakers come off a losing effort against the Nets. In this losing effort we saw a lot of bright spots. Mostly from the bench players, guys such as THT, Malik Monk and Nunn gave us a little taste of what to expect coming into the season. Tonight though, they face the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last season. The Suns, there has not been word for Lebron is playing tonight. But this will be a battle, and I’m sure even though its preseason both teams will look to put the league in shock.

Spurs vs Pistons

Time: 7pm Est

Predicted Winner: Spurs

The Pistons get their first taste of preseason basketball tonight. Many were hoping to see Cade in his first REAL piece of NBA action but sadly they won’t. Cade Cunningham has been ruled out for this first game due to an ankle injury. The Spurs also have their own young player to be excited about, Josh Primo. In his first preseason game, he 7/8 and hit 3 out of 4 of his three shots. The youngest player in the league had a great showing in his first game and many expect that to carry over into the Pistons matchup.

Cavs vs Hawks

Time: 7:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Hawks

The Cavs took a grueling beating from the Bulls last time, which is what most expected. For the first time, we say the new “big 3”. Many expected them to lose, and tonight may be no different. The rookie Evan Mobley showed some potential last night. With a 10 point and 8 rebound performances The Hawks look to bounce back after a killer lose from the Miami Heat, the Heat were just better that night.

Magic vs Pelicans

Time: 8pm Est

Predicted Winner: Jalen Suggs

Both the Magic and Pelicans come off loses, The Magic lost by 1 point vs the Celtics where we seen Cole Anthony, Moritz Wagner just to name a few had steller performances. I expect them to do the same tonight vs the Pelicans who come off a 3-point game lose vs the Timberwolves. Tonight, should be a redemption for them.

Jazz vs Mavs

Time: 8:30pm Est.

Predicted Winner: Mavs

The Mavs get their first taste of preseason action tonight, we get to see KP, Luka and new Mavs guard Reggie Bullock. Yes, 3 players in the starting lineup including Tim Hardaway Jr. are former Knicks. The Mavs also picked up another former Knick Frank Ntilikina who may or may not play much during the season. The Jazz come off a lose vs the Spurs we didn’t see much from the Jazz last game. Many of the players are not looking to overuse themselves already in preseason so everyone is just having fun and figuring everything out right now.

Nuggets vs Warriors

Time: 10pm Est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

I’m very excited for this matchup, both teams are qualified and fun to watch. Not much to report on, we already know what both teams offer us. Great basketball, one thing I do want to talk about is how the media is ripping Steph Curry over the pump fake fouls.

Its insane and he’s getting ripped because he was the first one to do it. While I love the change that’s happening Curry is not the only one that does this. We see guys like James Harden and Trae Young doing this on multiple occasions. I do expect though, a lot of players averages will go down. But more complaining will rise, I’m interested to see how this goes.

Kings vs Clippers

Time: 10:30pm Est

Predicted Winner: Clippers

Both teams come off a huge win in the preseason, I expect this game to shockingly go down to the wire. Both teams have shown great things in the first preseason game. Marvin Bagley III seems to be still committed to being on the roster. He performed well last game, 15 points and 5 rebounds for the night. The clippers will most likely continue the trend tonight, playing their bench and young players. They performed well, I expect the same for tonight.

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