NBA Preseason Night 3: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

October 5, 2021

NBA fans are in for a treat, 4 action-packed games of basketball. Here we will go through every game slated tonight and provide our predications for the night.

Pacers vs Knicks

Time: 7:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Knicks

The Knicks come off an unexpected uprising last season. With the all-star play of Julius Randle, Rj Barrett and a lot of great roleplayers The Knicks look to carry this into the 2021-22 season with additions of Kemba walker and Evan Fournier.

The Pacers are currently one of the many teams that are interested in getting Ben Simmons. They look to improve this season with their draft pick Isaiah Jackson

Wizards’ vs Rockets

Time: 8 pm est

Predicted Winner: Rockets

The Wizards stick to the same game plan they do every season, Bradley Beal. That’s what some MIGHT think. But to the shock of many, the Wizards made some moves this season. With the trade of Westbrook who wanted to go the the Lakers. They receive Kuzma, and Montrezl Harrell and KCP. Spencer Dinwiddle also joins the fold. This team looks to make a splash this season.

The Rockets added a lot of great young players to what was already a solid young team last season. With the addition of Jalen Green and Josh Christopher things look to be on the upside of the young Rockets core.

Cavs vs Bulls

Time: 8pm est

Predicted Winner: Bulls

The Cavs continue to win in the draft class but have not gotten better in many aspects. This year they try and change that. With the addition of Evan Mobley, Lauri Markkanen and Rubio they look to finally make a spark this season.

Much doesn’t need to be said about the Bulls, they have improved greatly. The addition of Lonzo ball, DeRozan and Caruso has turned them into a almost required playoff team at this point. Vic and Zack are sure to be grateful for the help.

Bucks’ vs Grizzlies

Time: 8pm est

Predicted Winner: Bucks

This is our first time seeing the Bucks after winning the NBA title, much doesn’t need to be said about how exciting this team has been and will be this season.

The Grizzlies on the other hand have been active this off season. Picking up Ziaire Williams, from the draft will be key for them this season.

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