NBA Preseason Night 2: Predictions, Preview, Schedule

October 4, 2021

NBA fans are in for a treat, nine action-packed games of basketball. Here we will go through every game slated tonight and provide our predications for the night.

76ers vs Raptors

Time: 7 pm est

Predicted Winner: 76ers

The Ben Simmons saga during the off-season kept many NBA fans on the edge of their seat. Simmons has declared that he will never put on a 76ers jersey again. Now it’s the Embiid show.

The Raptors look a tad bit different this year, for the first time they have no Kyle Lowry. Replacing him with Goran Dragić, personally I love this swap and it compliments both teams. A lot of their play styles are very similar. Raptors also have the highly touted rookie; Scottie Barnes will make his name known early in the season.

Hawks’ vs Heat

Time: 7:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Heat

The Hawks are coming off a hot playoff run against the Knicks, 76ers and not surprisingly losing to the Bucks’ They beat the odds and look to be the Suns of this season.  Trae Young has finally come into his own and created his own persona. Its only up for the Atlanta Hawks.

The Miami Heat made a ton of great moves during the offseason, picking up Lowry and PJ tucker. While also retaining a hopeful Victor Oladipo.

Magic vs Celtics

Time: 7:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Celtics

The Orlando Magic have the keys to be a solid 5-8 seeded team this season. The issue is, they always start out hot and fiddle in the second month of the season. This one could be different, with the addition of Jalen Suggs the magic look to skyrocket in the league.

The Celtics didn’t make a huge splash this offseason, but they were able to acquire Dennis Schröder. Averaging 15.4 points 3.5 rebounds and 5.8 Ast. He is sure to help the Celtics with their starting guard spot.

Pelicans vs Timberwolves

Time: 8 pm est

Predicted Winner: Pelicans

Much doesn’t need to be said about Zion and Ingram, with the Pelicans losing Lonzo Ball there’s a noticeable hole that needs to be filled.

While Anthony Edwards didn’t win ROTY he made his name known last season. We didn’t get to see much of Towns and Russell. That is what most Wolves fans are excited about, this trio could dominate the league if healthy.

Hornets vs Thunder

Time: 8 pm est

Predicted Winner: Hornets

The Hornets shocked the league last season, this season is going to be huge for them. We seen bridges, and lamelo destroy the league with their flashy plays. Making their name known it was one of the best Hornets seasons to date.

The Thunder have draft picks for years to come and picking up Josh Giddy was huge for them. Many wait to see how this franchise will elevate and Josh is that first test.

Jazz vs Spurs

Time: 8:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Jazz

The Utah jazz are strong contenders in the west and that remains to be the case coming into this season.

The Spurs lose DeMar DeRozan, but gain a promising prospect in Joshua Primo. His rise to the top will be interesting to watch.

Warriors vs Trail Blazers

Time: 10 pm est

Predicted Winner: Warriors

This is the battle im most excited for, Klay Thompson will most likely not play tonight. But hes back for the season!

The Blazers do what they do every season, and don’t get better. Dame has been able to carry the franchise to a automatic top 5 seed every year, but this season Dame will be tested even more seeing how the Jazz and Nuggets and now Suns have been able to get better while the Blazers remain the same.

Suns vs Kings

Time: 10 pm est

Predicted Winner: Suns

The Suns are heavy favorites to be a top 3 seed in the West, there rise to the top was on for the ages. This season will be no different.

The Kings have young guys that can move the needle for the kings, Davion Mitchell one of the best talent in the league already will make this young team very fun to watch.

Nuggets vs Clippers

Time: 10:30 pm est

Predicted Winner: Nuggets

The Clippers and Nuggets are both on the brink of winning a NBA title. This will be a fun matchup to watch.

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