Lakers Vs Nets Preseason Night 1

Tonight, we got our first taste of NBA action for the year, where we saw the Nets defeat the Lakers 123-97 while it’s only the preseason. We were still graced with the presence of current and former NBA all-stars like Anthony Davis and Deandre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldridge made his long-awaited return to action since his scary heart issue last season.

Many NBA fans have questioned if Aldridge came back too soon, but only the doctors know what’s best and not the normal viewer. If anything is wrong with LaMarcus he will be quick to bring it up and walk away again if need be.

Much of the anticipation was for NBA fans to see how well the new look lakers could mesh. The only players that were retained from last season lakers campaign was Lebron (of course), Anthony Davis, and surprisingly THT (Talen Horton-Tucker). Many expected the Lakers to take a bite at the several teams wanting THT during the off-season. But the Lakers see something in him, THT showed that he can hang with the big dogs when it came to clutch time. The 20-year-old is sure to impact the league in the years to come. Tonight, he recorded 10 points, 3 Ast and 2 rebounds. In 26 minutes. Also making an incredible play, in my “Play of The Game”

Anthony Davis showed some flair tonight, playing at Center. A position that he has publicly stated not loving. Recorded, 6 points 1 Ast and 1 Rebound in 11 minutes.

Some of the new young bulls for the Lakers also shined on the bench, in my honest opinion this Lakers bench is going to be lethal when the starting unit is cold. Malik Monk and Kendrick Nunn played incredibly well with each other. Monk dropped 15 points which lead the team in points tonight. Nunn also had a ton of great plays that won’t show in the box score, he scored 9 points and recorded 7 Rebounds.

The Nets dominated this game from the start, while most of the team was retained the Nets were able to nab some key figures that will play a critical role in the season if key players are injured. Paul Milsap played well tonight recording 10 points and 10 rebounds he made his name known this game.

The biggest story of the night, and my player of the game. Cameron Thomas, this guy is a monster. Steve Nash let him play at his own pace tonight and it showed. Every position you could see him playing great off ball, getting into the teeth of defenders, and making his name known. He’s going to be a huge player in the future if it’s with the Nets or any other team In the future. He dropped 21 points in his first action in a NBA game, this is just going to be the start of his dominant season. And he has some great vets to help him become one of the best players in the league.

My play of the game

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